Embarking on my MBA journey

Embarking on my MBA journey

“A life is how you make it” is a common proverb that is guiding me during my  MBA program, which will later serve as a motivating factor for me to keep moving forward and maintain a positive mindset from the moment I returned to college, leaving the corporate world behind. It may seem difficult to uproot and begin the struggle all over again, but as things develop and we move

Health and fitness necessary to aid studies and manage stress

In our day-to-day life, we mostly forget to work on ourselves. Physical and mental health is essential to sustain in this fast-changing world. Studies and work are very demanding and require sincere effort and dedication. We must take out time to keep our bodies running. This will help us absorb pressure, keep our minds clean and sharp, improve memory, and commit to various official and personal relationships. A few activities

The pace of life in MBA

It’s been a semester since I have been at this campus of SCIT, and ever since, I have experienced a change in the pace of life. Though My experiences are based on residing at SCIT, it would hold true for all good B-Schools. So, one significant shift that occurs in your life from the moment you enter the gates of a B school is that your life will run at

Sports activities in SCIT

The campus ground was under reconstruction when the month started, but now we see students occupying the basketball, volleyball and futsal spaces practically every evening. SIU has conducted sports tournaments in different disciplines, and SCIT students took advantage of them. Our students partook in table tennis, swimming, badminton, football, cricket, volleyball, and basketball. Even though we do not have any awards to show for so far, our students have been

Being Part Of A Team

A team is working for a common cause, with everybody contributing with their own set of skills- an ideal scenario for any project or event that any MBA graduate should understand. Committees in SCIT are a great way to experience this by working in a diverse team with different backgrounds.  The challenges of working in a team, addressing the difference of opinions and openly discussing ideas from every individual, and