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Designing Large Scale Intelligent Video Analytics

On 28th August 2021, there was a Guest Lecture on the topic: ‘Designing Large Scale Intelligent Video Analytics.’ The speaker was Dr. Pallab Maji, Senior Solutions Architect(Deep Learning) at NVIDIA and an AI/ML enthusiast from Bengaluru. He has worked with companies like Wipro and Mercedes Benz.Safe and smart cities are being implemented by Singapore, New York, San Francisco etc. and the initiative of smart city is being taken by our

Introduction to Data Visualisation in Python

With the partial moving to the college campus, the excitement and zeal were infectious. Amidst all these a guest lectures were organized on Data Visualisation in Python. The speaker invited to deliver was Mr. Sanchit Balchandani. He is a senior Python developer having 10 years of IT experience. He has worked in multiple domains like – healthcare, ad-tech, infrastructure, and automation. Majorly, he has been working in the backend side

Dattansh ‘21

On 20th March there was the annual conclave of the Guest lecture committee namely Dattansh ’21. The theme this year was ‘Data Odyssey: Voyage through Data,’ which revolved around Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The event had 5 expert speakers out of which there was a keynote speaker, with two technical speakers and two start-up speakers. The event started with director Dr. Dhanya Pramod who inaugurated and narrated how the

Technology Risk and Audit

The exciting E-talk on the topic “Technology Risk and Audit” was organized on 20th March 31, 2021, and the speaker for the lecture was Ms. Nidhi Shetty, a Senior Manager at Morgan Stanley. The motive of the lecture was to elevate the knowledge of Technology Risk and Audit among students, also to give corporate exposure through scenarios related to Risk and Audit. Speaker began the session with certain objectives i.e.

Trade Monitoring

To keep the ball rolling, another guest lecture was organized. Mrs. Arunnima Chauhan was invited to give her musings on Trade Monitoring to fellow SCITians. She is currently working in Accenture UK. She’s an enthusiastic business analyst who likes analyzing and troubleshooting complex data issues on her workdays. She has been awarded the Accenture ace award in the past. She is also a sportsperson and likes playing badminton and chess.


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