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International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day was observed at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, on 21st February, 2018. The faculty members and the students came together, to celebrate their own mother tongue and embrace other languages of our diverse country. The occasion called for a very entertaining day at SCIT, owing to its diverse student community. The student fraternity at SCIT comprises of students from all corners of India. The variety of

Road Safety to your rescue

SCIT not only makes sure to produce excellent techno-managers but also responsible citizens. A guest lecture regarding road safety was organized on 21st February, 2017 as a part of CHEP(Certified Healthcare Emergency Professionals) lectures. Dr. Satish Tembe was the speaker for the day. He presented a couple of statistics related to road accidents in India. These were an eye opener for the students. Mr. Tembe mentioned that India is a

Nullcon 2018

It is a proud moment at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) as the institute has gone one step ahead in becoming the official community partners of Nullcon 2018! SCIT is the first institute, not only in the country but also internationally, to get recognised as community partners! The Information Security club at SCIT, Team Matrix and the students have always been passionate participants and enthusiasts of such events. Over

Republic Day Celebration at SIC

26 January 201 8, marked the republic day celebrations at the SIC Hinjewadi campus. The event witnessed a fair turnout of students and guests despite the chilly weather. The event was graced by the Directors of all the three colleges of SIC. The event began with flag hoisting and National Anthem, post which, the Director of SCIT, Dr. Dhanya Pramod opened the event. Dr. Dhanya, spoke about how it is important to

Guest Lecture on Cyber Security Challenges of Disruptive Technologies and its Implications to National Security

Guest lecture committee of SCIT arranged a guest lecture on 24th January 2018 regarding Cyber Security Challenges of Disruptive Technologies and its Implications on National Security. Speaker of the guest lecture Lt Col P J Anandkumar is currently Cyber Security Officer at College of Military Engineering. He started his lecture with basic concept of security and how disruption triggers technological advancement and security upgradation. He spoke about RMA- revolution in


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