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Drishtikon Module 4 – Group Discussion

In December, Team Drishtikon organized their fourth module- Group Discussion. Group discussion is a method companies, or organizations use to check whether the candidates have certain personalities or skills that are a must for their members or employees. Group discussion refers to exchanging ideas on a primary issue or topic on a single platform. The session began with the team explaining how we often tend to make mistakes unintentionally when

Lecture on Cryptocurrency

On 18th December 2021, a guest lecture on Cryptocurrency was conducted. The resource person was Dr. Parag Waknis, Associate Professor of Economics, Ambedkar University Delhi. Dr. Waknis started the session by stating the name cryptocurrency is a misnomer. He prefers to call it crypto assets as it is not a proper currency yet and needs to be converted to one of the fiat currencies to utilize it. He talked a

The future of analytics

On 19th December, we had an impactful session on analytics attended by Mr. Ashuthosh Srivastava and Subhajit Karmakar, both experts in their respective domains. The topic for the session was “Advanced Analytics in Real-time Industrial challenge,” which covered the concept of analytics and its applications and how it started. Mr. Subhajit started the session by introducing the concept of advanced analytics and its adoption sector-wise in 2021, including computers, electronics

Current Job Scenario in IT/Tech Industry

On the back of evolving technology and increasing automation, the nature of traditional IT jobs and roles are constantly progressing leading to a rich business outlook. In the Manifestation of this prospect, we had a Guest lecture titled ‘Current Job Scenario in IT/Tech Industry’ in December 2021. The session was hosted by the zealous Akshay Badgujar, who comes with a prodigious 10 years of expertise in Business Analysis. Six happening

Cloud Security

In December we had a charming session on Cloud Security to beat the Monday blues. It was spearheaded by Mr. Manas Pradhan. Manas is a proven technical leader with 15 years of experience applying technology to drive businesses.The session started rolling on when Manas emphasized that cloud security is a shared responsibility of both Cloud Provider and Customer. He explained Cloud Security with 4 Scenarios. In the first scenario, he

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