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E-Talk on Digital Payments and Lending Trends

A webinar on Digital Payments and Lending Trends was held on 27th June. The speaker for this e-talk was Mr. Krishna Das, who is the Vice President for Business Development in Fin Accel (Singapore). He has been highly involved in Product Management and FinTech Business for almost 10 years now. The e-talk began with Mr. Krishna talking about what people tend to do with the money they receive, some of

The Virtual Internship

This year’s summer internships turned out to be quite the experience for students across the globe. Gone were the cubicles and the commute, no more coffee breaks and water cooler shenanigans with teammates and colleagues; in essence, the conventional corporate internship experience was not what this year’s interns had in store for them. Rather, they were greeted with virtual on boarding and team connects, stakeholder interaction and weekly catch ups

UNLOCKING WELL-BEING 1.0: Building Resilience and Adapting to the New Normal – Webinar

Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well Being organized a webinar on 20th June, 2020 for the students of SIC Hinjewadi Campus. The focus was on the wellness approach, to break down all the unique challenges this lockdown brings to us and creative suggestions to overcome them. The webinar stressed on the various factors required to maintain a healthy body and mind. Given, the current pandemic, it is quite important to maintain

Managing Cyber security in the Work From Home

An online webinar was held on 13th June, 2020 as a part of e-Talk 2020 on the topic Managing cyber security in the Work From Home by Mr. Altaf Halde. He is the senior vice-president at network intelligence and is associated with this company for more than 3 years. He has an overall experience of 20 years in IT security sales and marketing. The talk began with an introduction about

An Unpredictable Turn of Events

If anyone had told any of us in January that our lives as we knew it would be different in the coming months, things, amenities and activities that we took as a part of our daily routine and mostly for granted would be considered non-essential and as a luxury would any of us have believed them? Yet here we are, almost three months into a lockdown brought on by a


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