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Knowledge-Sharing by ISACA

On 26th February 2022, Team Matrix conducted a knowledge-sharing session headed by the ISACA-Pune Chapter. Mr. Pravir Kumar Sinha, CISA Director, and Mr. Hemant Dusane, Academics Director, addressed the students. The session started with a brief introduction to ISACA and what the committee represents. ISACA has a global reach with over 224 chapters in more than 97 countries and has more than 145,000+ members. ISACA also offers globally recognized certification

Corporate Charcha- 2nd Edition

The Guest lecture committee organized the second edition of Corporate Charcha in Feb 2022. The theme for this year’s panel discussion was Cloud Security and Its Significance in the Present Changing Times. The ceremony started with Dr. Kanchan Patil welcoming the speakers and sharing her thoughts on cloud security. She spoke about the trends in the cloud and the importance of its safety. The panel consisted of prominent experts from

Building a Career in Cyber Security

A guest lecture was organized on 12th FEBRUARY 2022 on the topic ‘Building a successful career in cyber security – Prospects for a rocking career’. The speaker for the guest lecture was Dr. Ram Kumar G, Cyber Security and Risk Leader, Global Automotive Major. The agenda for the guest lecture was understanding the importance of cyber security, at-risk emerging technologies, why cyber security careers, cyber security domains, career paths, security

4th Annual Analytics Conclave: Dattansh ’22

The 4th Annual Analytics Conclave: Dattansh ’22 was held in January. The theme for the event was Data Nova – Transcend Through Data. The event began with Director Dr. Dhanya Pramod sharing how DS and AI are gaining popularity and how companies constantly look for data insights. Data analytics shows a promising future in the job market and business transformation trajectory. The keynote speaker for the event, Mrs. Mamta Agrawal,

Neurodiversity Awareness at the Workplace

A webinar on ‘Neurodiversity Awareness at the Workplace’ was hosted by the ISR committee with Ms. Panchali Banerjee, an organizational psychologist and behavioral consultant and Ms. Geethanjali Ganapathy, Neurodivergent, accidental entrepreneur who threw light on neurodiversity, enhancing sustainable and meaningful employment for neurodivergents and promoting inclusivity as well as helping young leaders become better at managing a diverse workforce. The webinar was hosted on 20 January 2022.The webinar began by