Welcome SCIT MBA Batch 2024-26!

By Dr. Kanchan Patil

We are thrilled to have successfully kicked off the induction program (Deeksharambh) for SCIT MBA students!

Dr. Dhanya Pramod (Director SCIT) officially welcomed SCIT MBA Batch 2024-26 students on June 3, 2024, during the induction program (Deeksharambh)!

The journey started for our future techno-managers with the insights needed for their academic journey ahead.
An insightful academic orientation was conducted by Dr. Kanchan Patil (Deputy Director, SCIT) to lay out the path to academic excellence. Following that, their exam orientation equipped our future leaders with essential strategies and tips to confidently conquer their assessments. ✏️

Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni introduced students to the extensive resources in the SCIT library, highlighting its importance for academic and research excellence. Followed by Dr. Vidyavati Ramteke orienting the students about the computer lab facilities and essential software tools vital for their coursework, the WI-FI facility at SCIT, security & privacy concerns, and lab etiquette.

The new batch was introduced to the esteemed faculty and administrative staff members, the backbone of SCIT, by Director Mam. Further campus administrator Col. Mishra delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing leadership, discipline, and SIC’s core values, motivating students to strive for excellence and a happy stay at home away from home. 

The batch started their transformative journey of learning, growth, and success!

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