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SCIT has seen its alumni to grow within various industry verticals. Some have made huge names within blue chip companies all across the globe. We are sharing a few profiles with you who we feel have made us proud over the years. Name –  Kamalpreet Sawhney 1. Year of Passing – 2002 2. Favorite Subjects in SCIT –  Network and IT infrastructure  3. The Career After SCIT (a brief description) After passing

Some Alumni Profiles

SCIT was incepted in the year 1999, since then we have seen our alumni to makes names for themselves in various industry verticals. Some of the  alumni listed below are those whom we feel proud of. Name – Ramkrishnan R 1. Year of Passing: 2009  2. Favorite Subjects in SCIT: Marketing, Proposal Making and Strategic Bidding, Business Strategy  3. The Career After SCIT (a brief description): Currently working for Cognizant Technology Solutions,

SCIT Alumni

Alumni for any institute is like a jewel who shines in the outerworld displaying knowledge and competency. We share below Alumni Stories of SCIT who have displayed excellence in their respective fields. 1. Name Of  the Alumni – Swatantra Kumar Gupta 2. Year of Passing  SCIT– 2011 3. Favorite Subjects in SCIT – All infosec subjects especially VAPT, Application Security, IT Risk Management, IT Audit and BCP. 4. The Career

MBA – Live the nostalgia !!

Hi All Well, its not that i organized myself in writing my experiences in SCIT, but rather its something that the reminisces of my association with SCIT was swaying across my thoughts every now and then from the day I left SCIT. We all (SCIT 2011-13 batch) have been a witness of those two years in SCIT, where we not only added something to ourselves on academic front, but added

MBA – The Enigma Unravelled

“MBA is a lifestyle” – A few actually realize this, but when they do, they know how it truly is. One of the most prestigious courses in the world, and probably the dream three alphabets of over a million candidates in the world every year, what makes the Master of Business Administration degree all so special? With the existence of a few top-notch B-Schools and the tremendous rise in the number