MBA – Live the nostalgia !!

By Administrator 123erty

Hi All

Well, its not that i organized myself in writing my experiences in SCIT, but rather its something that the reminisces of my association with SCIT was swaying across my thoughts every now and then from the day I left SCIT.

We all (SCIT 2011-13 batch) have been a witness of those two years in SCIT, where we not only added something to ourselves on academic front, but added much to ourselves towards a journey called life. We learnt micro-management to the minutest level, defined our own skills on time management, got awestruck on courses of events across any typical day in college, enjoyed to our fullest with our friends, learned to became most patient person on earth (am i talking about assignments !!) on one end while became the most impatient person to survive (did i hear our first semester result declaration? ) . 🙂



On personal front, i felt that MBA not only teaches us the art and principles (and all other suitable adjectives !!) of management, but make us learn how to get most out of the available resources. It was great to see, I (sometimes) and my friends arranging things for college festivals, finishing activities at the eleventh hour, performing mock-run before the commencement of any event. I appreciate this fact that involvement of any student in such activities, makes him/her more confident in performing any task in near future.

Hostel life (on the best life to live for) made me more friendly than ever, and i still get goosebumps whenever the nostalgia of days spent with my friends in hostel strikes me during the course of my office work. Running for classes with a loaf of bread in hand, or at times entering in the class after the break (that too when the facilitator has already started) makes me smile with a glimpse of flashback scene :). I never thought that walking through the college corridors would be so nostalgic. I could see myself and my batch mates when I see the photos of class corridors, atrium (frankly speaking, i heard this word first time when i joined SCIT !!), mular of Bob Marley (undoubtedly the most clicked area of SIC in year 2012-13 !!). Its fun to remember the later night gossips, and when you are sitting with your college-mate, no wonder if you lose the track of time.


Its true that you can move out from SCIT, but SCIT will not move out from you. Every moment passed by gives us something to ponder upon, but for me, those two years in college, gave me something to cherish for good.. 🙂

Devesh Mathur – A proud SCITian