• Richa Rajputs experiences of SAPPHIRE NOW 2013- Florida

    Dear All It’s sort of shocking that summer has flown by so quickly and July [...]

    Published On: July 13, 2013
  • Third semester has just started & our students inching closer to their job offers at SAP!!

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  • MBA – Live the nostalgia !!

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  • Samarambh 2013 | SCIT Blog

    Dear All Today it was proved beyond doubt that Samarambh 2013 can stand an example [...]

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  • Dontopedalogy: The art of putting one’s foot into one’s mouth !!

    Dear All A few years ago the much famed/maligned Shashi Tharoor infamously commented on the [...]

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  • It’s in your Hands – Our mantra to succeed

    Hi A flamboyant beginning embarked my journey at SCIT with a simple but powerful mantra [...]

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  • Experience : Beyond the Borders

    And finally................ I made it to Japan. Perhaps its little late to say this, but [...]

    Published On: May 28, 2013