It’s in your Hands – Our mantra to succeed

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A flamboyant beginning embarked my journey at SCIT with a simple but powerful mantra “It’s in your hands” that the SCIT 2013-15 batch would forever remember. The induction ceremony for the 2013-15 MBA-ITBM batch was kick-started by our Director –SCIT Dr.Raman addressing the young and high-spirited new students.  When Dr.Raman was called to address the gathering, I was quite frankly expecting rhetoric on discipline, attendance and so on. But in no time I was proved wrong.  His speech was more about us – the students, and clearly it was tailored for us.  All of us sat up straight and listened intently to what Dr Raman had to say simply because he seemed to be reading our minds loud and decoding our wavering emotions. He spoke about the range of thoughts that many of us would be going through at the event of moving out of homes to join SCIT. It did not come as a surprise to me when he  pointed that all the students think more  about placements while joining and less about the overall development that one needs to acquire in a course of  2 years. Placements would happen if one fares well and is focused throughout the course he stated in his speech. In very basic and simple terms he made us realize that commitment should be the core and expectation should be the periphery and the expected result would eventually happen.

It is always the case with almost every one of us to start with tremendous vigor and then fall prey to distractions while stepping into a new venture. His speech inspires us to remember the purpose for our stay at SCIT which is to bring and showcase our talent in academics and other activities at the college. The story about a man who intends to fool a Sadhu who is believed to give away valuable predictions about anything was very attention- grabbing. The story as narrated by him during his speech is tersely described below:

A Sadhu and very smart boy lived in a village. Many of the villagers and nearby villages came to learn from him and get his advice. It was said that the Sadhu never made a mistake and for every question he had an answer. One day a boy decided to do a mischief, and tried to be over wised the Sadhu and said: “everyone always says that he is never wrong, and always knows the right answer, this time we’ll beat him and he won’t have a choice and he’ll be wrong”. He took a butterfly in his hands and thought: “I will keep the butterfly between our hands and I will ask the old man whether the butterfly is alive or dead? If he would say that it’s alive, I would crush the butterfly and if he would say that it’s dead, I will open my hands and release the butterfly.

He went to the sadhu and asked him: “Dear Sadhu, The butterfly that I have in my hands is alive or dead?” The sadhu looked the boy and said: “Its all in your hands “.


The meaning and power behind that simple phrase, although of just 4 words, were beyond measure.  For few minutes of time I was lost in my own thoughts about how true the answer given by the Sadhu was. Anything can be made simple to achieve when one knows the art of transforming the mantra –“ It’s in your hands” to real life. And it was then I realized that unlike earlier I wasn’t fretting about leaving home for SCIT, instead I was thinking hard about excelling to the best of my abilities at SCIT in the 2 yrs to come.

Dr Raman’s speech that came out of sheer care and concern for us was received by us –the students with due importance. To all of us from the 13-15 batch, the speech was a panacea to our thoughts and ideas which has instilled in us the drive to begin our journey at SCIT to add value to both ourselves and the institution

Swetha Sivakumar | MBA-ITBM 2013-15 Batch

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