8TH Edition of Integrity and Ethics Conclave

By Arya Tripathi

The Guest Lecture Committee of Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology organized the 8th Edition of Integrity and Ethics Conclave on December 16, 2023. The theme for this year was ‘METAMELD: Crafting the Tapestry of Tech and Humanity’.

The conclave started with the main coordinators of the event, Urjita, and Adrit, introducing the theme and the sub-themes. Following the introduction, lamp lighting was done by Dr. Abhinita Dahiya, faculty of SCIT, to give an auspicious start to the event. Five esteemed speakers Mr. Samir Chabukswar, Ms. Leena Bokil, Ms. Nirali Bhatia, Mr. Pandurang Taware, and Mr. Anub George were invited to share their thoughts on embracing a framework of ethics and integrity and harnessing the potential of technology as a force for positive change, empowering humanity while safeguarding the core values that define our collective conscience.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Samir Chabukswar, CEO and Founder of Yuj Designs, talked about global connectivity and work transformation. He said, “Our behaviors are shaped by the technologies we use daily.”He further elaborated on the responsible use of the internet and social media. He said,” Because of the technological revolution, 210 million people suffer from internet and social media influence.” He further discussed digital and sustainable technology and how communication channels have improved significantly.

Mr. Anub George, writer/director and brand strategist, taking forward the discussion on “beyond pixels,” a sub-theme of the ethics and integrity conclave, shared his opinion on “Ethos of Virtual Reality.”. The third speaker, Ms. Leela Bokul, NASA-Honeywell Space Educator, spoke on cosmic consciousness, another sub-theme of the event. She shared her experience and various learnings with the students.

Ms. Nirali Bhatia, a cyberpsychologist and Psychotherapist shed light on Mindware Convergence by speaking about cyberbullying, AI, and Cyber Psychology. She explained what cyber Psychology is she said, ‘’Cyber Psychology is like looking at how our minds work in the digital world”. She further added, “ How do we feel, think, and act when we’re using computers, phones, and those techy things are very important.” The last speaker, Mr. Pandarang Taware, a fourth-generation farmer and first-generation entrepreneur, spoke on geotourism, shedding light on the last subtheme, earthly chronicles. He spoke about the importance of the intersection of technology and humans.

The event was also filled with various entertaining and educating performances by various committees of the Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology( SCIT). Symbeats, the dance committee of SCIT, put on a great performance, highlighting the rising issue of deep fakes. Eklavya, the drama committee, highlighted the importance of integrity and ethics with a creative act. Lastly, the music committee of SCIT Konnect engaged the audience with a fun game of guessing the music. Dr. Tamal Mondal gave the vote of thanks. Savitha Nair, ma’am, was also present at the event.

There were various events, both online and offline, that were organized for the students to participate in. Snapsaga and Minutes Maestros were the two offline events organized, and Quiztendo, Sustainicase, PitchinFerno, and MuseMosaic were online events organized.