Deeksharambh-Welcoming the 2024-26 Cohort: A New Chapter Begins at SCIT

By Gaurav Baviskar

June 12, 2024, marked an exciting beginning for the newest members of our academic community as the induction program for the 2024-26 cohort officially commenced. The event commenced with a warm and engaging welcome speech by Dr. Dhanya Pramod Director, SCIT. Renowned for her captivating storytelling, Dr. Dhanya welcomed the students to SCIT and prepared them for the journey ahead. She shared profound insights into the complexities of today’s world, offering practical advice on navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Dr. Raman , Vice Chancellor at Symbiosis International (Deemed University), transitioned smoothly into his presentation, introducing himself and sharing his journey in the professional world. He talked about his own enthusiasm for his work, which immediately connected with the audience, and his orientation session seems to have left a significant impact on the students, emphasizing the importance of education, values, and personal development. The talk highlighted several key points like how reading opens doors to opportunities, enhances critical thinking, and contributes to personal growth. By sharing real-life examples of his students, Dr. Raman illustrated how education has positively impacted their lives. These examples likely inspired the students by showing them that education can lead to tangible achievements and personal growth.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director of the Symbiosis Society and Pro Chancellor of Symbiosis International University (Deemed University), highlighted the transformative power of education in her address. She presented education as a means to develop individuals’ minds and shape them into better citizens, emphasizing its role in fostering academic knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a broader perspective on societal issues. Dr. Yeravdekar stressed the importance of maintaining consistent enthusiasm and actively participating in all class activities. She shattered the misconception that one’s field of study is the sole determinant of success, emphasizing instead that it is skills that truly matter.

The day’s chief guest was Mr. Aniket Bhosle, Partner at Ernst & Young (EY) and a proud alumnus of our institution. He began by sharing his career journey and trajectory, offering the audience an inspiring overview of his professional path. Addressing the students, Mr. Bhosle provided enlightening insights into their upcoming journey and the realities of the industry. Reflecting on his college days at SCIT, he enriched his speech with personal anecdotes and experiences, making his message relatable and engaging. He also introduced the students to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, big data, and other recent advancements. Emphasizing a strategic approach to success, he advocated for continual improvement and a passionate pursuit of learning. The session was both insightful and motivational, offering students a wealth of knowledge to guide their academic and career aspirations.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks and an inspiring note by Dr. Kanchan Patil, Deputy Director at SCIT. She highlighted the importance of self-confidence, emphasizing how it empowers individuals to believe in themselves, take risks, and step out of their comfort zones. Dr. Patil encouraged the students to face challenges with a positive attitude and a smile.


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