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Metaverse: Experience the New Universe For Sustainability

After last year’s online National Seminar, it was a rejuvenating and welcome change to have the 22nd National Seminar on the SCIT campus on the 24th of September. The announcers introduced the audience to the seminar’s theme, i.e. ‘Metaverse: Experience the New Universe For Sustainability.’ The session started with the Director, Dr Dhanya Pramod Ma’am, sharing her views on the idea of the National Seminar and its theme. This was


Onam festival celebrates the many elements of Kerala’s traditions and culture. Signaling the end of the monsoons, this annual ‘harvest festival’ unites the people of Kerala with a ten-day celebration during ‘Chingam’. SCIT celebrated this auspicious festival beginning with decorating the Atrium with floral rangolis at 7:30 in the morning. A fulfilling lunch inspired by the festival of  Onam was organized on the campus. Students from different ethnicities could be

AI/ML Applications in the Industry

-Mahesh Jadhav The students who want to work in data science must need strong industry skills, domain knowledge, business aspects, and a core understanding of concepts. The guest lecture committee of SCIT invited Mr Mahesh Jadhav, senior manager at Accenture AI, Data Science Division, Pune, on 17th September 2022 to give light on the industry trends and applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.Our speaker, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav, brings

SproutIT- “Essence of Erised, Vision to Venture”

It’s that time of year to celebrate the esteemed event organised by the Information Technology Entrepreneurship & Leadership Forum (iTELF) of SCIT. This prestigious event started with an introductory video, and then the hosts of the event invited the honourable Director Dr. Dhanya Pramod and Deputy Director Dr. Kanchan Patil to illuminate the inaugural lamp to spread positivity among all the young and future entrepreneurs attending the event, this was


A Guest lecture on “Technology Risk Management” was organized by the Guest lecture committee of SCIT. The guest lecture speakers were Mr. Nitin Makhija, Director UBS Bank, Ms. Deepti Dharwadkar, Associate Director UBS Bank, and Ms. Ambika Singh Kelwa, Risk Specialist UBS Bank who is also a SCIT alumnus of the 2017-19 batch. Mr. Makhija and Ms. Dharwadkar started the lecture by engaging the students in a quick revision of