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Reflections- Recession 2009 to COVID 2022

In January, the guest lecture committee organized the first guest lecture for 2022. Mr. Krishnadas ‘KD’, Alumnus, SCIT, Vice President-Business Development at FinAccel, delivered the Reflections- Recession 2009 to COVID 2022.“Recession is an opportunity in wolf’s clothing”- Robin Sharma. It is rightly said amid crisis, opportunity blossoms. KD started the lecture with a brief about what happened in the 2009 recession. One of the worst economic declines in US history,

What makes Power BI the best Data visualization tool?

On 12th Jan, an insightful workshop on PowerBI was conducted by Henry Harvin partnered with SCIT. The event was structured in five different modules, where the first module covered the basic introduction of the data visualization tool and its importance. In the next module, Miss Deepika, host of the workshop, explained the three different platforms where PowerBI is available: desktop, web, and mobile version. She introduced the query editor of

Expert Solution on IOT Security

An e-talk session by Mr. Akashdeep Singh Makkar was organized on 3 January 2022. The convener for the session was Dr. Hemraj Lamkuche. Mr. Akashdeep Singh Makkar provided his insights on the topic “IOT Security”. The agenda for the e-talk was IOT Security, fundamentals of security, IOT security architecture, challenges in IOT security, best IOT security technologies, IOT breaches, top IOT security tools, intent and need for security testing, top

Drishtikon Module 4 – Group Discussion

In December, Team Drishtikon organized their fourth module- Group Discussion. Group discussion is a method companies, or organizations use to check whether the candidates have certain personalities or skills that are a must for their members or employees. Group discussion refers to exchanging ideas on a primary issue or topic on a single platform. The session began with the team explaining how we often tend to make mistakes unintentionally when

Lecture on Cryptocurrency

On 18th December 2021, a guest lecture on Cryptocurrency was conducted. The resource person was Dr. Parag Waknis, Associate Professor of Economics, Ambedkar University Delhi. Dr. Waknis started the session by stating the name cryptocurrency is a misnomer. He prefers to call it crypto assets as it is not a proper currency yet and needs to be converted to one of the fiat currencies to utilize it. He talked a

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