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Entrepreneurship and Social Impact in the Post COVID World

To give the students the various perspectives of entrepreneurship a guest lecture on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship and social impact in the post COVID world’ had taken place on 06th September 2020. The distinguished speaker of the talk was Dr. Abhinav Mathur. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Million Sparks Foundation (MSF). He is an experienced veteran in the field of entrepreneurship. Also, he had done his Ph.D. from

State of Cyber Security – 2020

A long-awaited webinar on “State of Cyber Security” was held on 15th August 2020. The eminent speaker of the talk was Mr. Subhajit Deb. He is currently serving as Chief Information Security Officer at Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, also a Data Privacy Leader with 18+ years of enriching cyber-security experience. He shared impeccable insights about the pillars of the cybersecurity domain. To laud, he also has “Multiple US Patent” and won several

How Voice will Change the Future- Forefront of Voice Revolution

To widen the horizons of technology in students and to give them a flavour of real business challenges our college had organized an e-Guest lecture on 29th August. The speaker was Mr. Nitin Sharma, head PMO, APAC – Talent Acquisition at Amazon and Former Hyderabad Site Lead for Alexa. Also, Mr. Sharma has 2 decades of rich experience in diverse fields like Hospitality, Banking, Operations, e-Commerce, etc. He addressed the

The Green Ganesha Challenge

These last few months have witnessed an exasperating time while trying to the adapt “new normal”, however amid everything, keeping the spirit high as always, on the auspicious occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, abiding by environmental responsibilities,  the college had come up with an amazing way to celebrate the festival, by organizing the event called “The Green Ganesha Challenge”. The theme of the event was to prepare the worshipped Lord Ganesha’s

e-Talk: Succeeding In Technology-Enabled Roles In The Upcoming Decade

With the ever-changing technology and its trends, it is essential to stay aware of the current and potential spurts of trends in various domains and gear up for it. To enlighten the students on the same, a guest lecture was conducted on 23rd August 2020 as a part of the e-Talk Series. The guest lecturer Mr. Sandeep Das is the Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), author of three books, and has


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