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The Big 4 Myths

Keeping in mind the enthusiasm among the students, a guest lecture was arranged on 8th November 2020 where the speaker talked about ‘Big 4 myths, start-ups and Thinking Big’. The speaker, Deric Karunesudas is a Cyber Security Leader with 13+ yrs of experience in driving profitable growth stories for global clients. He has worked with companies like Deloitte, NTT, RSA, and now with British Telecom as Director of Cybersecurity of

Preparation Tips for Management Consulting Roles

First month of the year 2021 ended with the exciting online Guest Lecture on 30th January. The topic for the lecture was “Preparation Tips for Management Consulting Roles”, and the speaker for the lecture was Ms. Dhairya Gangwani, a Management Consultant Analyst at KPMG India (SAP). The ultimate goal of the lecture was to give exposure to students about the roadmap of how to get into the management consulting roles

Visual Thinking at work and Data Visualization

First e-GL lecture of the year 2021, was delivered by incredibly talented Mr Piyuesh Modi on “Visual Thinking at work and Data Visualization” on 27th January 2021. Piyuesh Modi is a Visual Storyteller and a Webinar Marketer living in The Netherlands (originally from India). He has trained corporate professionals from countries like the Netherlands, France, India, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, China, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Austria, Italy. Some of the

Analytics in credit risks and FinTech

On 12th December 2020, there was an e-GL on the topic ‘Analytics in credit risks and FinTech’ by Miss Shweta Agrawal working as a Staff Data Scientist at Twilio. She was working as a former Data Scientist at Ola company.The speaker started the discussion with Financial products classification where she explained pre-paid products and credit products lifecycle.Pre-paid products are usual service products customers pay money upfront to receive services. The

Integrity and Ethics Conclave 2020

‘Sinless Cipher – Collaboration for Better Surveillance’ The amazing and exciting event- Integrity and Ethics Conclave 2020, was organized on 28th November. The theme of this event was Sinless Cipher – Collaboration for Better Surveillance on Digital Cooperation. The session enthralled with five speakers- Mr. Chandra Kumar– Digital Consulting Leader at Cognizant on the topic “Digital co-operation”, Mr. Osama Manzar– Founder-Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation on the topic “Digital Inclusion”, Mr.


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