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Being Part Of A Team

A team is working for a common cause, with everybody contributing with their own set of skills- an ideal scenario for any project or event that any MBA graduate should understand. Committees in SCIT are a great way to experience this by working in a diverse team with different backgrounds.  The challenges of working in a team, addressing the difference of opinions and openly discussing ideas from every individual, and

ISR activities at SCIT

A group with the motto “Be the change you want to see” that works to bridge the gap between SCIT students and the wider community through a variety of means. A preamble was recently read by the ISR committee members to remind us all to show respect and abide by the laws on the occasion of Constitution Day in India, which is observed annually on November 26. To promote happiness


On 26th November 2022 Guest lecture Committee of SCIT invited Mr. Ashish Kulkarni, an APAC leader in a large MNC. He is PGCP graduate from IIM Nagpur. Leading a team of more than 250 in the security and privacy area, Mr. Kulkarni is also a seasoned speaker of the ISACA cyber security forum. Mr. Kulkarni wanted the session to be more of a dialogue rather than a monologue. The lecture


Symbolizing the ascendancy of good over evil, Diwali is celebrated in October or November every year. It is celebrated as the beginning of the financial New Year according to the Hindu calendar. All around the campus students could be seen in various cultural couture. The atrium was decorated with rangoli, twinkling lights, and candles. There was a photo frame cutout was created for students to get their pictures taken. The

Celebrating CSAM at SCIT 

It’s time to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the biggest extravaganza event for all information security enthusiasts. The renowned event started with an introductory video defining the need for security with the evolution of technology, followed by the lighting of the lamp by our honourable director Dr Dhanya Pramod and the keynote speaker of the event, Mrs Alisha Sharma. All the speakers of the panel discussion, Mr Ravi Verma, Mrs Shivani