GL: Maximizing the business value by making data-driven decisions

By kumargandharva.singh

On 7th Jan 2023, the Guest lecture Committee of SCIT organized an online guest lecture. They invited Dr. Viral Gupta, Director of Global Practice for Data Engineering & analytics, Nagarro, to share his valuable insights with students. Dr. Gupta has over 25 years of industry experience working in companies like Accenture and DXC technology. The topic for the lecture was “Maximizing the business value by making data-driven decisions” Dr. Gupta started his talk by emphasizing the importance of data analytics and data-driven decisions in all the industries of any sector. He then explained the methodology of data-driven decisions by considering a straightforward and real-life example of planning a vacation, which clarified the concept. Dr. Gupta told students about the major sources from where data is generated, i.e., through transactions, social media, and machines. He shared some fascinating and astonishing facts about Data which were very insightful and thought-provoking. Moving forward, he dived deep into the details of Data analytics, explaining critical concepts in a very structured manner. Dr. Gupta told students about data analytics’ business aspects, like customer analytics, supply chain analytics, and marketing analytics. He concluded his session by mentioning some of the use cases of data analytics associated with emerging technologies like IoT. The session was enriching and filled with relevant knowledge and valuable insights.