Health and fitness necessary to aid studies and manage stress

By abizer vakil

In our day-to-day life, we mostly forget to work on ourselves. Physical and mental health is essential to sustain in this fast-changing world. Studies and work are very demanding and require sincere effort and dedication. We must take out time to keep our bodies running. This will help us absorb pressure, keep our minds clean and sharp, improve memory, and commit to various official and personal relationships.

A few activities one could embed into oneself could be as follows:

  • Manage your sleep timing effectively and get at least seven hours daily.
  • Reduce your digital screen time by eliminating unnecessary surfing. Also, avoid using your mobile phone at least thirty minutes before bedtime and right after waking up.
  • Do eye exercises to keep them healthy. Some activities are- palming, focus change, eye movements, etc.
  • Breathing exercises help avoid anxiety, emotional trauma, panic attacks, etc. One could do alternate-nostril Breathing, shallow breathing, mindful breathing, etc.
  • Gym and yoga help develop physical and emotional strength and release dopamine (the feel-good hormone). This keeps a person concentrated and committed towards end goals.
  • Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators, and play outdoor or indoor sports. Doing such activities daily or at least 3-5 times a week gives immense satisfaction.
  • Controlling what you eat throughout the day and monitoring food intake helps to avoid various diseases and their impact, which happens due to poor diet control. Eating control and such acts should be taught early to help people adopt healthier lives from an early age.

Apart from the above activities which keep you going, find one activity in the day that makes you immensely happy, which can take away your stress. Whatever it might be, from studies to office work to some other significant challenges you face.

This will help you aid positivity in your mind. A positive mind emanates good vibes and also makes people around you happy.

Abizer Vakil

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