Data Privacy Week at SCIT

By Singh Shubham

This year, on account of Data Privacy Week, the Team Matrix decided to organize an event on January 23rd, 2023, to make everyone aware of the importance of privacy and security of data in day-to-day life. Data rules the world nowadays; it serves as a weapon, so it is very important to safeguard it properly. This sort of event encourages students to learn about protecting data and becoming more responsible digital citizens.

The event started with different engaging games, starting with “Cyber Quixx,” a game similar to “snake and ladder” where climbing a ladder will test participants’ knowledge of cyber security, followed by “The Eloquent Wizard,” an extempore event. This was followed by an interesting session by industry experts on “Privacy by Design.”

The event’s first speaker, Mr. Navin Raju Roselin, started his speech by clarifying that data privacy is a mechanism for an individual to protect their own personal data. He stated that by 2024, 75% of the world’s population would be using precautionary measures to secure their personally identifiable information. He said that data protection would eventually be offered as a service because everything is already available. He discussed the GDPR, which requires data protection, is available in the USA, and is similar to the CCPA. He used a VPN built into AWS services to demonstrate privacy by design. He discussed the seven privacy principles by design. He concluded by saying that making it simple and accessible to the general public is the key to adopting data privacy by design.

The event’s second speaker, Mr. Santosh Kamane, provided more light on data privacy, starting with discussing how some people lead real and virtual lives and how privacy laws are anticipated in the upcoming bill. More personal information than we are aware of exists. He then talks about how businesses frequently use their customers’ personal data to influence people’s behavior. He discussed the SDLC Data Life Cycle stages of acquisition, storage, and transfer; he gave advice on controlling digital footprints; and he concluded by saying that security is never enough until it is too much.

 Mr. Sanjay Ghore, the event’s third speaker, began by posing a query about dopamine. He described the connection between dopamine and social media as well as the unconscious disclosure of personal information on these platforms. He talked about the phrases “PII controller” and “PII processor.” He concluded his speech by defining the distinction between sensitive and personal data.

We were towards the end where Dr Nisha Ma’am gave a vote of thanks to the guest for their enlightening speech, which would benefit all listeners, as well as the organizing committee and all the other committees, for making this event a huge success.

-Shubham Singh