CSAM 2023 – Privacy Unplugged-Data privacy in Digital Age

By Siddhartha Chattaraj

On September 30, 2023, the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology orchestrated its flagship event, Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM). Guided by Prof. Vidyavati Ramteke, Team Matrix spearheaded the event, featuring a main lecture and a panel discussion with esteemed speakers in cybersecurity and data privacy.

The event commenced with guests, including keynote speaker Mr. Rohit Sharma, Deputy Director Dr. Kanchan Patil, and Prof. Vidyavati Ramteke. Team Matrix members Prakhar Goel and Sayali Dabhade introduced the team, unveiling the theme “Privacy Unplugged: Data Privacy in the Digital Age” through a video presentation. The lighting of Diyas marked the event’s beginning.

Dr. Kanchan Patil delivered an introductory speech, emphasizing the significance of CSAM, the psychology of cybersecurity, and the need for digital awareness. She highlighted the importance of October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the role of individuals and corporations in safeguarding digital privacy.

Keynote speaker Mr. Rohit Sharma delved into cybersecurity laws, startups, and data privacy. He covered regulations like GDPR and the newly passed DPDPA 2023, focusing on Indian citizens’ digital rights and corporate responsibilities. Mr. Sharma clarified myths and facts about cyber laws, discussing privacy issues, data collection, governance, and penalties. The session included an interactive Q&A segment, allowing student engagement.

The panel discussion featured Mr. Rishi Raj Bhati, Miss Pooja Shimpi, Miss Sanyogeeta Rananaware, Mr. Mohit Kedia, and Miss Priyanka Kedia as the moderator, topics ranged from privacy in IoT devices to Japan’s Data Rights and Usage Policy, and the DPDP bill. Discussions explored challenges and opportunities, including Privacy by Design, Data Life Cycle, required skillsets, ISO 27001, CIPN, and real-life examples. The event concluded with a thank-you note from Prakhar Goel and a felicitation of speakers by Prof. Vidyavati Ramteke and Dr. Nisha T N.

In addition to the main event, CSAM featured participatory events organized by Team Matrix: Ransome, Mind Matrix, and Digital Detective. These engaged students in activities testing their knowledge and problem-solving skills related to cybersecurity. Ransome involved team-based question-solving, Mind Matrix was a dice game focused on cybersecurity awareness, and Digital Detective was a cybersecurity-themed treasure hunt. CSAM 2023 marked a milestone in raising awareness, providing a platform for meaningful discussions, and promoting a culture of digital security. The success of the event underscored the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age, thanks to the collective efforts of the organizing team, participants, and esteemed guest speakers.