Guest Lecture on the Role of Data and AI in the Technology Revolution

By Arya Tripathi

The Guest Lecture Committee of the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology organized a guest lecture on the “Role of Data and AI in Technology Revolution” on September 20, 2023, at 9:30 AM at the SIC Auditorium. The guest lecturer invited for the session was Jash Radia, a Conversational AI engineer at Google.

The guest lecture host, Abhishek Shinde, introduced the guest and called him onto the stage to start the lecture. Mr. Jash Radia began the session by explaining the importance of data. He further elaborated on the data hierarchy and explained that it typically has a tree-like form, showing the relationships between various data pieces in an organized manner. He also explained in detail the diffusion model and how it is a generative model that generates data similar to the data they are trained in. It has two types: Forward diffusion and Reverse Diffusion. He described its importance for removing noise.

He continued the lecture by discussing the DDPM (Deniosing Diffusion Probabilistic Model) training. In that, he elaborated on Magic Eraser and DDPM Training. He explained the LLM (Large Language Model) models with funny and straightforward examples to the students. In LLM models, he said that LLM can be hacked and is biased.

On talking about the emergence of Chat GPT and how it works, he said that it works on the data already available on the internet and, therefore, can be biased and can show answers that are not 100% correct. There were a lot of questions, not just from students but also from the faculty members, regarding the workings of ChatGpt. Mr. Radia made sure to answer all of them patiently.

The lecture ended with a vote of thanks by the host, Abhishek Shinde, who thanked Mr. Radia, Dr. Shaji Joseph, who is the mentor of the Guest lecture committee, all the faculty members present, and the audience for gracing the event.