Sentiment analysis using NLP

Sentiment analysis using NLP

On 7th January 2023, the Guest lecture committee of SCIT conducted an online guest lecture on Sentiment analysis using NLP by Mr. Mohit Tripathi. Mr. Tripathi is a Data Science Manager at Conde Nast Chennai. He has 12+ years of experience in developing and delivering data science solutions. He is fluent in all data science solution development cycle steps, from ideation and development to delivery and maintenance. He has worked

Cyber Security & Emerging Technologies

Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft are digital transformation leaders. Despite the success of digital transformation, which opens up new doors for innovation and optimization, organizations are now ten times more vulnerable to data breaches and cyber threats. On 4th January 2023, Sudin Baraokar, our guest lecturer in the expert talk series conducted by Team Matrix in association with the Guest Lecture committee, gave his insights on how

Alumni Interaction

On Saturday, 24 December 2022, Mr. Krishnadas Mohandas, who is an alma mater of the SCIT batch 2007-2009 and is currently SVP at FinAccel, joined us for an Alumni Student – Interaction session. Dishant was the moderator for the event. He Initiated the interaction by asking about the speaker’s experience entering SCIT after 15 long years. The speaker then went ahead to share how everything reminds him about faculties, subjects,

Christmas Party

One of the world’s most awaited festivals is here. SCIT Cultural committee organised a pre-Christmas Bash at SIC Amphitheatre on the 19th of December, 2022. It was an exceptionally planned eve which everyone celebrated together. Many red caps could be seen as you walked around the staged arena. There were different activities which were conducted on this eve. First up, Christmas Carols which was a mesmerising musical group performance. Second,

The Annual Integrity & Ethics Conclave 2022

The Director of SCIT, Dr Dhanya Pramod, and the distinguished guests ignite the ceremonial lamp to mark the opening of the 7th Integrity and Ethics Conclave. I was ecstatic to be a part of such an event. The theme for this year was “tatva udbhav” – The rising of moral upheaval.  Everyone was anticipating a day filled with knowledge. The event started with an introduction and welcoming note by our