An Insight into Placements, Student Life and Success Stories at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

With the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the Information Technology and Data domain, Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology strives to impart quality education to students who wish to pursue a career in the same. SCIT has been a pioneer in nurturing IT talent to become future leaders in the IT domain. The institute supports students to transform themselves into proactive professionals with their innovative teaching methodologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and fruitful career opportunities. On the whole, SCIT ensures the overall professional development of students.

Offering two full-time MBA programs, namely, MBA in ITBM and MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics, SCIT aims to upgrade relevant industry-centric skills and competent abilities in students. The institute unites business skills with the latest industry trends by providing various specializations. This, in turn, helps students to enhance themselves into industry-ready professionals and carve a successful career for themselves. Imparting education through a distinctive curriculum and assisting the students to be placed at higher echelons, SCIT boasts an extensive alumni network of satisfied students.

Here is what an alumnus, Anirudh Menon, has to say about the industry-oriented programs at SCIT.

“As a fresher, I wasn’t too sure of the specializations offered at SCIT, but as the course progressed, I found my comfort in Information Security. SCIT is the place to be because it has the perfect blend of courses that cater to industry requirements and enable you to be a better techno-manager in the future.”

-Anirudh Menon (2014-16)

Assistant Manager at KPMG

SCIT’s course hones both technical and managerial skills in students. This helps candidates to secure techno-managerial roles in the future. The curriculum ensures that the students are on top of technological progressions.

Here is what an alumnus, Harshavardhan Lale, has to say about SCIT.

“The journey at SCIT has been a very enriching and an encompassing one. Data Analytics is a very unique course in its perspective and curriculum, while ITBM prepares students for management roles within the IT sector. The beauty of the institute is that it keeps exploring and innovating itself to give the students a better education, thereby making them ready for the industry right from day one.”

Harshvardhan Lale (1999-2001)

Vice President (Customer Success), Seclore

Endeavoring to evolve and innovate its curriculum continually, SCIT prepares students to be on par with the industry trends. Students, therefore, have an optimal advantage over other candidates in the IT industry and emerge as complete professionals. This can be primarily attributed to the versatility offered in the course structure.

Here is what an alumnus, Abhilash Verma, has to say about SCIT’s innovative curriculum.

“SCIT is not about education only. It is about the wholesome development of an individual to be successful in both personal and professional life. At SCIT, we always innovate in terms of what will we teach the students for the upcoming generation of technologies, products, and processes. I am sure with continuous innovation, SCIT will always outperform and produce bright minds who will go innovate and change the world for better and good.”

Abhilash Verma (2001-03)

Vice President of Project Management for Global Networking Products, Citrix

Aiming to evolve the syllabus according to contemporary industry practices, SCIT empowers students to innovate and find accurate business solutions. The institute offers world-class facilities and hands-on learning experience to students that help them gain an extensive understanding of the industry.

Here is what an alumnus, Nishant Sukharia, has to say about life at SCIT.

“SCIT has played a pivotal role in my academic life, especially because even after doing my Masters in Computer Applications, I felt that I was not the right fit for the industry. There was always something missing, and SCIT was the missing part of the puzzle. The synergy between the curriculum and what the industry requires is exponential dividends in the corporate environment. With the group activities, presentations, internships, and mainly the culture, SCIT prepared us for the challenges that lie ahead in the future.”

Along with academic education, SCIT also strives to enliven a student’s experience throughout their journey in the college. It encourages students to participate in various group activities, presentations, internships, and guest lectures. These activities help students to build connections with the industry and also hone interpersonal skills in them.

All in all, choosing to pursue your higher education with SCIT will ensure that students gain the right competencies and exposure needed to thrive in the ever-evolving and fast-growing technological industry.