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Journey Begins: My First Day At SCIT

Journey Begins: MY FIRST DAY AT SCIT 3 rd June 2014, a day I keenly waited for my first day at ‘Symbiosis Center for Information Technology’ it took a lot of hard work. And as I shifted in hostel I kept staring out of the window, reliving all the memories which were once lost in the deep corners of my mind, all the events that led up to this day.

My First Day At SCIT

The first day of any new journey that we ride upon is very special,and so was my first day at SCIT(an eminent institute of the big fat Symbiosis family). I landed at the gates of SCIT and stood there for a second to make myself realise that after all the days spent spent being in the dilemma that whether to do mba or to take up a new job,im finally


“SCIT”-The name that kept ticking in my mind since the PI-WAT day. Dreams, ambitions, expectations, fear all of these piled up day by day as I waited for a new journey, a new life to begin. The 3rd of June the hostel reporting day was my first day in campus. It was a hell tiring day as the whole day I had been busy packing my luggage till the last

A wonderful “ESTER TAG” @ SCIT

The smell of my home made food, the pampering of my loved ones and loads of nostalgia was still haunting me when I was entering the SCIT campus. Already 2 days late, coming from Bhopal and first time out of home had already made my nerves ice cold, chilling throughout the spine ; was totally confused about what is going to happen. Entered the hostel and freshened up , arranged

The First Step

It’s very rightly said that “The first step is always the hardest” & I was experiencing it first hand, but only till I stepped inside, SIC (Symbiosis InfoTech Campus) or to be more specific, SCIT (Symbiosis Center for Information & Technology). The feeling of, going back to an educational institution after working in an IT organization for over 2 years, meeting new and diverse individuals & moreover the fact that

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