First Day at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

First Day at SCIT…..Actually it was not a day for me it was First night at SCIT. I directly went to D Hostel, which I could find after roaming around at least for half an hour. I was a bit curious about my room in the hostel because after seeing the pics shared on the wassap group, I imagined it to be ok types; however when I entered my room, I was happy to see that it was large enough to accommodate three students very comfortably and it has an extra window which was not available in other rooms. The best part of my room which I liked the most is that, when I wake up in the morning the first thing which I see is the rising Sun. It feels like even the Sun is saying good morning to you and wishing you a Good Day.

Since we have to describe our first day at SCIT, so here it goes. We all reported at poolside in the college, YES we have an indoor swimming pool in our college, at 10 AM. Today we were supposed to have ice-breaking session. After waiting for some time, C and D divisions were asked to go to some other building and our session was started with a simple introduction game, in which everyone was supposed to write their name on a piece of paper and all the pieces were then shuffled. The coordinator then asked two students to select two chits and asked to read out the names. Whose names were called out they need to go away from the group and were supposed to introduce themselves. My name was called out with Sonal Goyal, so we introduced ourselves to each other. When I told her my work exp, which is 3.5 yrs, she was astonished and asked my date of birth, when I told her that its 1987, she got all the more astounded and told me that she is 1992 born, which made me felt that I am old now and had a smile on my face. 🙂

We continued with such introduction games in the first half of the day and in the later half there were some team games, in which our team of 23 students won every game, so earned lots of chocolates, which I distributed to other who didn’t get. After the day was called off by our coordinators, I went back to hostel and changed cloths and came back to campus(D hostel is outside the campus and around a KM away) Played Cricket with Seniors and few batch mates from HRD college. Later had dinner and came back to hostel and slept.

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