My Escape Route is beautiful…

By Administrator 123erty

There I was, the confused one in the lot of experienced professional geeks, intelligent techies, ambitious managers, careless freelancers and even more confused college pass outs on my first day at Symbiosis College for Information Technology. Having listened to the speech addressed by the director of SCIT – Dr R Raman, made me think again “am I going to make it? is there anyway I could match any fraction of the puissance in his personality in my entire life… Is there a leader in me?”
I was lost in my thoughts while the dignitaries were giving their inspirational speeches. Then came Mr. Abhilash Verma, the dynamic director of Citrix, an alumni of SCIT, who somewhere in his speech said “To the experienced professionals, SCIT should not be their ESCAPE ROUTE”; my ears reddened, suddenly a creature moved inside my heart.
I thought my secret was out in front of everybody, the one which I had not yet confronted with myself either. In my mind the girl from the past who was listlessly staring at computer monitor turned to me, adjusted her glasses and winked at me. The most eligible bachelorette of my family who was rather against getting “righteously” married at a “so right age” high- fived me.
I opened my eyes and smiled. Yes I did follow the alternate path different from the traditional one. But this escape path, the alternate route, I obviously know is not a smooth silk route but I have the potential to turn it into a golden one. There is no way in which I could ever have such a magnificent experience of meeting brilliant people and share thoughts. I am so fortunate that life has given me another opportunity to re-live the college life and make new and beautiful memories which I’ll treasure and cherish all throughout my life.
I feel proud to be a part of SCIT, where I can nurture my heart and soul and actually become the IT professional I always aspire to be, to become the leader that I dream to be and to become the person I respect the most.