My first day impression at scit campus:-

By Administrator 123erty

From professional life to again stepping into academic life is really full of excitement in accordance with new dreams and visions.You might get hurt if your desire can’t be get fulfilled as dreamt.Like every other youth of SCIT with lots of expectations and energy(not physically but mentally) I sailed my ship of dream along SIU shore.After 35 hours of train journey all along from Kolkata when I reached Pune it was facing some strike like situation,it was an unnatural calm & peace everywhere.With a little bit lower energy level I started for SCIT campus from railway station.

It was a very early morning,when I discovered a very bright shining name Symbiosis adorned with scintillating illumination amidst a mist covered Hinjewadi area. Undoubtedly some amount of energy restored.With hope for some more entered the main campus,the first word came into my mind was ‘superb’,no matter what surely I’m gonna miss these SCIT days after 2 years.Don’t know why I was thinking about post 2 years.

Incidentally that day was the Inauguration Day  of our Induction Programme.So, we along with our parents flocked together inside the auditorium.The glittering lights reflected from those glossy stage curtains were good enough to energise us to a new level.All the faces were like mirrors of excitement and hopes.Then the programme began with Enlightment of the lamps offering a great feelings of purity.The programme was progressed towards a successful ending through very useful addresses by our respected Director,Principal Director,Vice Chancellor & one of our dear alumni.The best part of the programme was the conclusion containing praying with our National Anthem.

Then it was a little bit rest period for me in the noon after taking lunch but was excited enough to meet new friends here.And the waiting ended in the afternoon,took a long breath after reaching to the common place.It was a different India situated inside Symbiosis Infotech Campus,full of joy & entertainment,good enough to take you away from any kind of political or other outsider chaos,really soothing to your mind.I am unable to explain the experience of that evening session spent there as it went so fast without any notice.After taking dinner spent some more moments and came back to our hostel with a new quantum of energy inside me.

At night sleep was failed to trap me in its arm in spite of a lot of trial.It was not for the uneasiness,it was the feelings of pure happiness,pure open mindness that overhelmed all other feelings.Thanked God for making me so much fortunate for allowing me to spent next fantastic 2 years of time in Symbiosis Campus.thank You  .MIGHTY MIGHTY SCIT.