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वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम – The world is a family

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is an ideology that infuses an understanding that the whole world is one family. It is made up of three Sanskrit words – Vasudha, Eva and Kutumbakam. Vasudha means the earth, Eva means emphasizing and Kutumbakam means a family. Can this whole world be just one cosmic family? It might be viewed as an illusion amidst so many brutal and agitated incidents. You may find this partially hard

My Real Aspiration (MRA)

And it begins. Something different happened just like we people can’t predict the thing covered under the gift wrapper while opening it. Yes, but we are much excited while opening the same.  Actually, I didn’t know anything about MRA, which was wrapped in a wrapper of my mindset with no expectations. But when I opened the wrapper, I found a box with the same mindset but less attractive. To be

My first day at SCIT

First day at SCIT This is the first of my many blogs about my life here in SCIT.To begin with, I arrived at SCIT on June 4th and immediately found the entire hostel to be empty. All the students had already gone to the campus to attend the induction. When I went over to the campus for the induction, the doors had already been shut. The first thing that popped

First Day @ SCIT

First days are always important just like first impression and the first day gives you the very first impression of how the rest of the journey is going to be.  Being an optimist I had lot of expectations from my first day at SCIT i.e. “The Induction Day”.   The function was to start at 11.30 a.m. I was very excited so got ready quickly and hurried to the auditorium.

My first day impression at scit campus:-

From professional life to again stepping into academic life is really full of excitement in accordance with new dreams and visions.You might get hurt if your desire can’t be get fulfilled as dreamt.Like every other youth of SCIT with lots of expectations and energy(not physically but mentally) I sailed my ship of dream along SIU shore.After 35 hours of train journey all along from Kolkata when I reached Pune it