My 1st day at SCIT – A New Beginning !!

By Administrator 123erty

On 3rd June 2014, I started yet another new and exciting journey of my life.
Leaving behind all the good memories connected with my school, college and workplace , in my birthplace, Delhi.
SCIT , Pune was to be my new home for the coming 2 years.
With all the excitement and apprehensions I reached Pune Railway Station, where I witnessed an amazing mass of people and also a pleasant relief from the scorching heat of Delhi.

I reached the D- Hostel, which was to be my new address for the coming 1 year. The rooms surpassed my expectations, as they were very spacious and well maintained. This laid to rest one of the major apprehensions which I had.

4th June 2014, Morning 9:00 am: Having made a considerable number of new friends since yesterday, I was as eager, as each one of my friends to start this journey of our MBA-ITBM program. On the 1st day, we were to witness the Induction Program. I along with two of my roommates entered the portals of Symbiosis Infotech Campus; it surely was an awe inspiring sight for the start. Having completed our Registration formalities yesterday, we headed straight into the Auditorium and were seated as per the arrangements made.

Morning 10:00 am: This was the first time I got to see the dynamic and vibrant Director of SCIT, Dr. R. Raman.
Accompanying him for this program were Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director of Symbiosis Society, and Prof. Rajani Gupte , the Vice-Chancellor of SIU . Also present on the stage along with them was Abhilash Verma , an esteemed alumni  of SCIT , and presently a Director at Citrix. Seeing Abhilash , an alumni of SCIT, reaching high pedestals of the corporate world, infused confidence and satisfaction in me , of having made the right decision to pursue my Post-Graduation studies at SCIT.

The first speaker on the stage was our Director, Dr. Raman. He shared great insights into what is exactly needed for a student to succeed, just not only in this MBA course, but also in life. By the use of graphs, pictures and stories, he very simply and lucidly put forward every point needed to give a good head start to the new batch. He truly lived up to his reputation of being a mesmerizing speaker.

Succeeding him were Dr. Rajani Gupte and Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar who stressed upon the importance of having a positive and optimistic attitude & an entrepreneurial spirit . After them it was Abhilash who shared his personal experiences both as a student at SCIT and as a corporate leader on what is really required to become a great team player and leader in today’s day and age.

The Induction program got over by 2:00 PM in afternoon, after which we went for lunch at the Dining Hall. After lunch we came back to our Hostel and had rest for some time.

All my batch mates had decided to meet in the evening, to have an informal introduction of everyone.
I was surprised to see a set of people from not only varied academic backgrounds, but also from different parts of the country. Surely interaction with peers, having different academic and cultural backgrounds and life experiences, is one of the most of the enriching part of doing an MBA.

We made our way back to our hostel, as a very interesting and exciting day came to an end.
Pondering upon the events and interactions that took place in the day, I was confident that I was at the right place. I would surely have a life enriching and memorable 2 years at SCIT.