Day One at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

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Well as most students starting a new course I entered this institution a little apprehensively and moreover if one is earning for almost the past three years the realisation that one is not going to be handed out his salary on the 5th of the month was enough for me to tread slowly towards the first day of my new journey. But every new journey starts with a single step and here I am taking the first step of what I can already say is going to be a momentous journey.

I got up at around seven, freshened up and went to the hostel mess to see what they were ready to serve us for the morning. Now this is one area anyone in hostel is really going to be worried about. But since I was doing the cooking for myself for the past few years I wasn’t going to complain about the food especially when someone else is going to cook it for you. There was bread, butter, jam along with coffee (pretty sure there was something else but since I did not eat it I do not remember what that item was) which was a good start to the day.

As the agenda sent to my mail pointed out the first day was going to be an “Induction Program” that is going to tell us what the program is going to be out and how the course is going to pan out.  We had a speech from the Director of the institute telling us about how one should pursue his MBA degree and what the priorities that one should have in life. Apart from that the there was an Alumni who spoke about his experience in this institution and how just like we need to avoid all such distractions in order to be successful.

Well this was the point I guess I should have started feeling homesick as is the tradition when I was doing my BE course but then a thing happened which almost always unites our entire country, a game of cricket. So we played cricket, maybe four matches in a row. It still is a mystery to me how there were fifteen members per team and we played in an area which is slightly larger than a basketball stadium. Well the game brought us all together and helped us in getting to know a lot of new people. After that a few minutes of chatting and getting to know each other we went for dinner and the day ended with customary viewing of the various TV shows which we have all grown to like.

This was how my first day in SCIT had ended and am hoping that this journey is going to expand our minds to incorporate new ideas and most important to become better persons.