Roller Coaster Ride ? no way my Day 1 at SCIT…..Smiling Girls, Rosy Boys

By Administrator 123erty

M, B, A the three alphabets together make a mesmerizing sound that sends a thrilling wave down your body. And when you hear “Welcome to MBA” it gives you a sense of satisfaction and a sense of responsibility that now is the time to live your life like never before.

Having a work experience of two years it gives me great pleasure to share with you the experience of my first day at SCIT. It was just normal routine work to get up in the morning and perform necessary tasks: exercise, breakfast and a shower before coming here at SCIT. But then the things changed.

Upon reaching the auditorium I met some wonderful people. The sight of new faces, the smiling girls and the rosy boys in white put a smile on my face and gave me a sense of joy and insurance that yes I am with some good souls. A mesmerizing speech by the dignitaries and a life changing one by the director gave us an insight of the level of roller coaster ride that is in store for us for the next two years. Food at lunch made me realize that food can be cooked well even in a “MESS” 😛

Afternoon was spent trying to catch the eyes of any smiling girl and have a laugh or two and the evening was spent playing a new kind of cricket with a new set of rules in the hostel. The ‘after dinner time’ was well spent in knowing all my batch mates and trying hard to remember their names. Finally lying on my newly occupied bed and surrounded by chit chatting familiar faces but unknown names a thought captured my mind and allowed me to fade away to the dream land.

The Thought was:

Although no message would beep my mobile on 1st of every month to tell me about my earnings for the next two years but the MAN IN THE MIRROR will notice how much I have earned.. err learnt.

Thanks for reading, hope to share something more in future.

Hoping for the Best

                Dreaming of the next.