Induction ceremony day @ SCIT

The induction program started with in morning. Many parents of students also joined them. Even my parents also came. First session was introduction and welcome. Respected director and many others welcomed us. Gave an idea how wonderful our 2 years will be. And for sure everyone was happy with the program and everything. Then we had lunch break. Post lunch we had session where director madam introduced to all members

Mix of Thoughts

Hello everyone, Recollecting something memorable is amazing and I did the same when I entered the Induction hall, Its my engineering Induction I thought of but I soon found this is something different and this MBA is of another level. Felt so amazed when I got to know that Its all in my hands, I know that feeling of awesomeness will carry me towards my destination. When we know that

A wonderful “ESTER TAG” @ SCIT

The smell of my home made food, the pampering of my loved ones and loads of nostalgia was still haunting me when I was entering the SCIT campus. Already 2 days late, coming from Bhopal and first time out of home had already made my nerves ice cold, chilling throughout the spine ; was totally confused about what is going to happen. Entered the hostel and freshened up , arranged

Shri Ganesha at SCIT!!!

The first day of my last full fledged college life came to reality on 4th June 2014…the day I was anxiously waiting for… not because I was at the Induction programme of some MBA course but because I was sitting at the Induction programme at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) – the premier IT B-school in India. Dressed in formals, I entered the splendid Auditorium of Symbiosis Infotech Campus.

First day of the new begining!!! :)

Hi guys!! Today I am going to test my writing skills for the very first time and that too with most probably the best thing which has happened in my life. i.e. SCIT. So, please forgive me if you find something wrong. Hmm… Following about 15 months of preparation, essays, school visits, interviews, nervous hours waiting on acceptance notification, down-time, and a whirlwind orientation, I finally got down to business.