Shri Ganesha at SCIT!!!

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The first day of my last full fledged college life came to reality on 4th June 2014…the day I was anxiously waiting for… not because I was at the Induction programme of some MBA course but because I was sitting at the Induction programme at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) – the premier IT B-school in India.

Dressed in formals, I entered the splendid Auditorium of Symbiosis Infotech Campus. Seeing all the countenance of my counterparts I realized that we all share the same feeling of curiosity, nervousness and excitement all at the same time.

When I took the decision of doing an MBA I had no colleges in mind. All I knew was I had to do MBA in IT so that I could leverage my IT experience and take it to the next level and then began the hunt for MBA College which matched my expectations and aspirations. During the hunt I came across Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) which claimed to be the premier IT B School. On the very first day of Induction at SCIT I came to know that their claim is absolutely authentic not because now I am the student of this reputed institute and I should speak good about the college but because I realised on the very first day… in the very Auditorium where I gave my interview for the admission in this top-drawer college that SCIT has a great and huge legacy in making top notch IT managers.

I felt really proud that I was sitting in that Auditorium with my other peers who are equally good. The elite dignitaries who graced the occasion were – Mrs.Yervadekar(Director,SIU), Mrs.Gupte(Vice-Chancellor,SIU), Mr. Abhilash Verma(Director-Product Management,Citrix) and our very own Director of SCIT Dr.Raman. With the motive of instilling confidence and passion in his students Dr.Raman gave a motivational speech which made me realize that he could beat Robin Sharma in motivating professionals – no pun intended. On the first day itself he was able solve the Achilles heel problem of every student and that being managing studies, co-circular and extra-circular activities. It was not only Dr.Raman who encouraged us but also Mrs.Yervadekar and Mrs.Gupte.

It was when Mr.Abhilash Verma interacted with us students we came to know the legacy SCIT has and also that the beneficiaries are not only laterals but also freshers. I t was amazing to hear from the alumnus of SCIT about the position he is in… Be it financial, satisfaction from job or personal. It was even more wonderful to hear that graduates from IIMs report to him and work for him which only reflects that SCIT has been successful to deliver great IT professionals. It reflects that Symbiosis is a brand in itself.

When I stepped out of the Auditorium after the Induction I felt that I was at the right place. I am sure all of you who reading this blog echo my feelings.

Hope in the days to come we all stand together to take this institution to its vertical limit.



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