My 1st day at SCIT

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Published On: June 15, 2014Categories: Student's Blog1 Comment on My 1st day at SCITTags: ,

With luggage in hands, anxiety and fear i entered in SCIT. My first reaction was wow!!!! the campus is so clean. Then I went for hostel accommodation. the best thing was rooms were already allotted to us and it took only 5 min to take the room keys and keep my luggage in the hostel room. After that I went for Induction Class. I really liked the auditorium( because of ACs 😛 as it was really hot that day). Then our induction started with trip to the Universe. I felt the video was like cool refreshment. Then our directer Dr R. Raman welcomed us. I was very much inspired from his speech as SCIT will provide me a very good platform to learn business practices and interact with professionals and industry specialists. My fear of getting placed with a good package has gone now, not completely but to a large extent :P. Dr. Rajni Gupte, Mr. Abhilash Verma (our cheif guest), Dr. Vidya Yeravdekarand Dr R. Raman’s speech was so inspiring. I was too tired as I travelled the whole night but even then I enjoyed the Induction Class a lot. I met one of my very good friends after 2 years. My father came from Punjab to meet me as I came directly from the place where I was working. It was really an awesome day.