First day @ SCIT

Wednesday, June 04, 2014. I was feeling the billowing breeze on my face and the sunbeams were peeking through the window frames. Eyes half closed I looked at the table watch right beside my head. It was 9:00 am and I took a sigh! Thank God!! Not late. “M really loving the weather” saying I stood up from my bed and started my day. I put on my brand new

My 1st day at SCIT

With luggage in hands, anxiety and fear i entered in SCIT. My first reaction was wow!!!! the campus is so clean. Then I went for hostel accommodation. the best thing was rooms were already allotted to us and it took only 5 min to take the room keys and keep my luggage in the hostel room. After that I went for Induction Class. I really liked the auditorium( because of

First Day at SCIT

First Day at SCIT…..Actually it was not a day for me it was First night at SCIT. I directly went to D Hostel, which I could find after roaming around at least for half an hour. I was a bit curious about my room in the hostel because after seeing the pics shared on the wassap group, I imagined it to be ok types; however when I entered my room,

My First Day At SCIT…

            The following lines are true for every SCITians…             “Na jane kaha se nayi rahe mil jati hai, Koi bhi chabi kisi bhi tale me lag jati hai, Chal to diye the akele anjani rahon pe, bad me apne hi mil gaye SCIT ki rahon pe“             When I left my home, it was