My First Day At SCIT…

By Administrator 123erty

            The following lines are true for every SCITians…

            “Na jane kaha se nayi rahe mil jati hai, Koi bhi chabi kisi bhi tale me lag jati hai, Chal to diye the akele anjani rahon pe, bad me apne hi mil gaye SCIT ki rahon pe

            When I left my home, it was like Dhak… Dhak… Dhak… Dhak… Dhak… with mixed feelings and tears in the eyes of family members. They were happy because they know where I am going is another home for 2 years. Though they told me this, I was not sure about it before the “INDUCTION” because I have spent 6 years away from home and that experience was not good at all. A lot many things happened in the first day but I am gonna discuss what I was thinking about SCIT before induction and what I felt about SCIT after induction.

            Just before the induction, we friends at hostel, were discussing about faculty members, placement statistics, internship, academics, study hours, diversity we have this year, exams, CGPA, outbound program and obviously “DHAMMAL-MASTI” in the classrooms with lots of fun. We also discussed how we gonna spend 2 years taking part in lots of activities with “the load of study with every book having more than 1000 pages :P” because 2 years is a very small time period. But all the queries have been solved in the induction program. I am really happy to know everything about my new home rather I want to say “a home away from home” for next 2 years including internship and placement.

            When we were told about disciplines, all the rules and regulations that we need to follow, I thought “SHIT… NO MASTI IN CLASSROOMS  🙁 ”. Afterwards when I was alone, I imagined the life of a manager. Now, I believe that discipline and rules are required to be successful in any stage of life.

             I am very much confident about the value SCIT is going to provide me for the next 2 years and the successful life I will have after completing MBA-ITBM from SCIT. I will do my best in two years and even in the industry to make SCIT proud on me.

             Proud to be an SCITian and “MIGHTY MIGHTY, SCIT “.

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