My First Day @ SCIT…

In Life, many things come and go, But very few get a special row College life again, is a start of new phase, With courage many problem has to face Don’t try to chase everything as you run, If you believe, those things get turn. Have courage, Have patience, Have faith on your dream, N SCIT is the correct platform to give your life a wonderful theme… 🙂   After

The Day Came!! My first day @ SCIT! :)

My  First Day @ SCIT- The Day for which I was waiting for so long. . . . 🙂   I came here to make friends for lifetime, for learning and for the experience… never thought that soon it will become my family… This line itself defines my experience at SCIT. Just Like everyone else out there I was also in a fear that what would happen on the very first

My first day at SCIT

First day at SCIT This is the first of my many blogs about my life here in SCIT.To begin with, I arrived at SCIT on June 4th and immediately found the entire hostel to be empty. All the students had already gone to the campus to attend the induction. When I went over to the campus for the induction, the doors had already been shut. The first thing that popped


NEW LIFE….NEW BEGINNING…. My life changed when I came to know that I have got through one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. For me being a part of Symbiosis International University was dream come true. And the day I got to know that I m going to be a part of Symbiosis Centre for  Information Technology an #SCITIAN I was on cloud nine. Because I wanted to

My 1st Day at SCIT – Premier IT B-School !!!

      Waiting for more than an #Hour at station for the delayed train, started imposing questions on GOVT, SYSTEM, INFRASTRUCTURE and all the ill things India as got, but with the blink of eye, thought was #MBA at #SCIT #Pune. The Premier IT B-School, I dreamt of. Train was late by 84 mins till it reached #Surat, feeling was Y??? It’s late Today (sad). But as the law