By Administrator 123erty


My life changed when I came to know that I have got through one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. For me being a part of Symbiosis International University was dream come true. And the day I got to know that I m going to be a part of Symbiosis Centre for  Information Technology an #SCITIAN I was on cloud nine. Because I wanted to do MBA in Information Technology and #SCIT is the India’s one of the best B- schools.

While leaving from home I had mixed feelings of being Happy for getting one step closer to my dream and Sad for going away from home. But just because seniors made group for us on #Facebook and #WhatsApp Groups it was very easy for us to connect with our classmate before joining the college. And just because of that I didn’t felt left out or alone.


4th June 2014 the Induction Day when I was fully excited.  Ready to start my new journey towards my dream .We all got settled in auditorium for INDUCTION PROGRAM. All Boys were dressed White shirt and Black trouser and Girls in Indian formal. The program started when our seniors and faculty welcomed the esteem chief guests for the programme. The program just began with an inspiring speech of our Director Dr. R. Raman. We all were mesmerized by the way Sir told us. It was just eye opener for me. And I felt very lucky to be a part of #SCIT. After Induction Program faculty arranged an Ice Breaking n Team Building Session for US. In that session we all were randomly divided into group of 10 unknown people and we have to build an “Roman Launcher”. That Session was just amazing we Planned, Designed n Finally Execute our Roman Launcher…We did team work…laughed allot…Made some more New Friends…

And Now I m sure under the guidance of all faculty for next 2 years I m going to learn lots of new things, will make lots of new friends and at the end I will become a Good Management Student with all Management skills with me.

Now I can say that #SCIT is my New HOME away from HOME….

“Mighty- Mighty #SCIT”