A new day… A new beginning..

By Administrator 123erty

2nd June 2014 : My first day in Pune. My first day in Symbiosis Infotech Campus . My first tour of the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) . My first day of the coming 2 years of MBA.

I was excited. I was nervous.

I was excited cause I was looking forward to completing my 2 yrs in the same campus where my boyfriend had done his 3 yrs ago. I was nervous cause I had heard so much about this campus and its faculty and the courses and the placements. I was even more nervous cause my boyfriend was there in all possible clubs here. I heard so much about GraffITi and Matrix. I have seen the posters he was in charge of. I have heard of his internship and placement days. And it would be an embarrassment if I don’t manage to get myself into any club or if even at the end of course no one will know my name. I was sad cause this was going to be the longest break away from him.

4th June 2014: My official start of MBA programme : Induction.

It was a bright morning. Everything looked perfect for the new start. I looked at the time . 7.30 AM. I couldn’t sleep any further. I had to see of my Dad. Then I had to get ready for the Induction. There was so much to do and so less time. There was no more time for sleep.

I quickly rushed through the breakfast with my Dad. Got ready for the ‘Big Day’. And made sure that we reached well before time. After all it was the first day in the management course and you definitely dint want to make a late entry.

My roommates and I stepped into the auditorium and we saw around hundred curious and enthusiastic faces looking at us. Looked like everyone was there way too early. We quietly made our way to the back seats. We tried mingling with few people around us while waiting for the chief guest to arrive (who was really really late ).The event started with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and welcome speech by our director. We sat there patiently listening to each speaker, all of us with the same thought: to make these 2 yrs the most memorable ones. .