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A new day… A new beginning..

2nd June 2014 : My first day in Pune. My first day in Symbiosis Infotech Campus . My first tour of the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) . My first day of the coming 2 years of MBA. I was excited. I was nervous. I was excited cause I was looking forward to completing my 2 yrs in the same campus where my boyfriend had done his 3 yrs

My first day at SCIT

MBA from Symbiosis International University – A dream comes true After a long struggle ,i finally got a selection letter from SCIT .I reached SCIT on 4 June, after conquering a battle of 29 hours hectic journey with my jaded smile. As I knew that the fervent and zealous ambience of symbiosis will evanesce the weariness in me, the way it did when I came here for my pi/wat. I