My first day at SCIT

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MBA from Symbiosis International University – A dream comes true

After a long struggle ,i finally got a selection letter from SCIT .I reached SCIT on 4 June, after conquering a battle of 29 hours hectic journey with my jaded smile. As I knew that the fervent and zealous ambience of symbiosis will evanesce the weariness in me, the way it did when I came here for my pi/wat. I entered the hostel and soon the little apprehensions left were all gone and I felt symbiosis carry a lineage of warmth and enthusiasm.  I slept like a log that night so that my cells could revitalize themselves for faculty introduction  session.  I woke up at 6:30 am and after the routine morning activities, I opened up the armoire (actually my wardrobe which I jam packed through a month’s dedicated and exclusive shopping sessions) and chose a colourful and vibrant kurti for the 1st day as it reflects me, always cheerful. I along with a few new-found friends went to the college and we waited for the faculty to come and begin their oration. Our restless wait came to a halt as the director entered the hall and addressed us all. One after the other

the echelons of faculty and non-teaching staff introduced us to themselves and to the SCIT (our new alma mater). It was not as insipid as I expected, neither was it a harangue session as we were bombed with some serious and momentous announcements.  I gaped and said to myself my 730 days companion (No weekend off), my second home (soon to become first with the mentioned paucity of holidays), and my learning hub (all day formals, 13  subjects in 1 semester) .

Then we were told that we all will play a game, sort of interactive game “ROMAN LAUNCHER”. We were dived into groups.I felt more acquaint with my alma mater and its people through this game which I really felt riveting.

It is during the game playing, I eyed the piping hot lass and lad of SCIT (2014-2016). It was not just me who glanced at them but the whole of SCIT (grin). After the interactive game, we went to coffee cafe and I made a few accretions to my friend list. Then we lingered around touring the whole of the SCIT campus and having  gossip in between. Then we went to hostel and had dinner. The Food served is really appetizing and savoury (optimum to energize their troop to face the few feet distant and 730 days operational Warfield). After the supper, I entered my room and went straight to the bay window and peeped out and asked is this really an inferno? My heart pounded in negation. My alma mater, my new life is a holistic safari of my growth from a gal to a lady, from a   naive to mauve and from an imperceptible to a staunch human being. I changed my clothes and said “I love you my new home and here my journey begins.”