My First Day At SCIT

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We all know that the 1st days and the 1st times of everything and anything are special to each one of us. In the same way for me too 1st day at SCIT was very special. After a year long hard work and preparation, finally came the day when I could see myself as a student of the institute which I dreamt of joining.

With lots of expectations from myself and the institute I stepped into the college. There was whole lot of emotions running all over my mind and heart. Leaving behind family and the much relaxed routine at home I felt bad. But then it is normal, isn’t it??  But also what obvious is that I dreamed to be part of this very tough yet interesting journey.

So after entering college, getting done with the registrations and shifting luggage in the hostel it was time for the induction programme. For the first time saw all my batch mates under one roof. All of us dressed in formals; all looked pretty much same. Hardly knew anyone then although had seen almost all on SCIT group on social networking site but never did that real face-to-face interaction happened. And then I thought here’s where my journey begins. Starting off with getting introduced to everyone from batch mates to faculty to all those people who are behind this prestigious college.

The programme started with our Director’s speech and I must say after hearing Sir’s speech I was more confident that YES!! I have chosen the right place or rather I thank God that the right place have chosen me. One by one dignitaries addressed us and as time passed more faith starting piling up inside me that I’m at the right place.

Parents were also allowed in the induction programme so my father was also present who accompanied me to come Pune. And I remember the first thing he told me after the session got over that ‘Did you hear what your Sir said?.. ‘Have faith Work hard and everything will fall into place’. This saying of his made me think that now even my parents are convinced that their daughter is at right hands.

So now that everyone was convinced about the place being right the only thing left was how I am going to carry myself in the coming two years so that my parents and all the well-wishers can say ‘She is perfect for the place(SCIT)’.

So moving on from the induction now it was time to have lunch and to taste what we say ‘hostel ka khana’ but I was surprised that it was nothing close to what we think mess food will be. It was pretty much tasty. Then came back to hostel room so didn’t have any interactions with anyone. And yes whole day in midst of all these I kept on checking/enquiring/touring college for knowing about various facilities available.

Then came dinner time and this time I did not go back to my hostel room again but I stayed back and starting interacting with my batch mates. We all had a brief chat, took a walk around the campus and finally went to ou respective rooms after lights were out.

This sums up my first day at SCIT which was nothing extraordinary yet it was because it was my first day at my dream college. It was the first day of my journey to achieving my goal. It was the first day of the start of a long opportunity to make my parents and family proud.

Hoping my coming 2 years will be full of interesting and challenging opportunities.

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