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Generally most of the people get only one ‘FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE’. But I am happy that I am blessed and got two ‘FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE’, where one was in the past during my Under Graduation and the other just passed by a week ago.

I can’t say that ‘My first day at SCIT’ went on wonderful, but it didn’t go bad as well. As a matter of fact it went quite lonely. I had reached Pune on 5th Jun 2014 around 11.00AM. The journey was so tiring as the train was delayed by 4 hours. After reaching Pune, I took a bus and reached the SCIT campus at around 12.30PM. During this journey from Pune railway station to SCIT, I had done a lot of weight lifting as I had come to Pune alone and my luggage was so heavy. After reaching the SCIT campus, the weight lifting continued till I found one of the coordinators and few of the SCIT joiners. Then I had completed my registration and the coordinator asked us to attend the session which was commenced in the assembly hall. But I was exhausted to an extent where anyone who observes me will easily make out by looking at my shirt which was wet with sweat. I requested the coordinator saying that I will first get rid of my luggage by going to the hostel and then come back. She humbly accepted and I immediately left for the hostel and this time I took an auto from SCIT to the Hostel. There near the hostel gate the security guard asked to enter my details in a book and while entering my details drops of sweat fell on the book. The guard gave me an excused laugh. Later I met the warden for my room keys. The first sentence the warden said immediately after looking at me was that ‘Someone fetch him a glass of water’. After drinking a glass of water I filled the form and went to the room. Even here I had to continue weight lifting till I reached second floor and finally got rid of my luggage. Then finally I got fresh by having a shower and went back to the SCIT at 12.45PM.

I got into the assembly hall where the program was progressing and waited keenly for lunch time. Obviously I didn’t follow that session and finally the lunch time arrived. As I had no idea about the dinning hall, I followed my batchmates and finally when I reached the dining hall I realized that I ended up in a queue which was moving like ants. I waited patiently in the queue and finally had a stomach full of lunch which made me feel back lively.

In the afternoon session there was a group activity and here I started introducing with my batchmates. Doing so befriended me. After the session, I left for the hostel and played cricket and football and later had my dinner and finally I met my roommates at around 11.00PM. My auspicious First day at SCIT college came to an end with complete package of experience.

But as the days continued I made lot of friends and started enjoying every moment till date like a saying ‘The older the wine gets the better it is’ which relates like as the days passed my enjoyment and attachment to the SCIT increased.

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