First day at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty


It all started during those good golden engineering days. A desire, a dream to glorify and highlight my resume with high paying MBA degree. I knew i was part of a rat race but did not mind ending up as a rich & affluent rat.

I started following my ultimate destination of Landing up in a respectable MBA college after adding one more to already overflowing list of engineers. Interests and purposes changed but dream of fetching luxury became stronger, pushing me to achieve the goal, the path i had set upon. They say DISCRETION is the better part of valour and i availed this freedom based upon my options and judgement.
Finally, after performing decently well in management exams and their corresponding interviews, I got admitted in SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SCIT). There was a sense of excitement,achievement,curiosity but at the same time there was wistfull affection for all those past memories and reminiscences.

Finally on 4th June, after wait of a life time I took the early morning flight and reached the beautiful city of Pune. A place is known by the dwellers it consists off and I found Pune no different with sincere fervor of people, it aroused a feeling of home away from home( I know it’s a hackneyed expression). I was astonished to see that Pune had not only sustained but also showed a craving for innovation and this degree of improvisation should be considered as a sign of mastery.

I reached the IT hub, Hinjewadi, and my way into the D hostel. After completing all the formalities, I hurriedly entered the allocated room,placed my stuff, met my roomies and was left stranded in the phlegmatic and bovine surroundings except the innocuous chirping of birds. After this hiatus,I reached SIU campus not very far away and tried to soak in the feeling of a new place. Meanwhile, i interacted with a lot of students though i have not been gregarious all my life. Guess, it was time for change, change for better things to arrive. The interaction was followed by a motivated, succint, a little rebuked but completely accepted address by our alumni, Mr. Abhilash Verma & some introspecting words by Director sir.The relentless applause by the cheerful audience filled the auditorium. The evening was spent mingling around with new batch mates so it gets easier accustoming to new faces, lingering and exploring the affinity towards a new environment.
Though the day did not had any classes,projects and quizzes but it altogether explained one important phase in MBA’s student life- MULTITASKING and MANAGING .
I sincerely hope that the forthcoming days will contribute more to the overall development, not only broadening my options but also helping me increase my mileage.