My First Day at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

It gives me immense pleasure to post a blog about my first day at SCIT.

I had arrived on the 3rd of June at the SCIT hostel and I was happy to see my future classmates , batchmates and had a lot of fun interacting with them. On the very next day I had arrived at the SCIT auditorium for the Induction programme and was enthralled by the amazing ambience of the auditorium. After a little while we had a thought provoking and an insightful speech delivered by our dynamic director of SCIT Dr R. Raman sir. It made me realize the true mantra of achieving success at SCIT.

I also got the opportunity to listen to inspiring speeches delivered by our Vice Chancellor Dr Rajini Gupte , our Principal director Dr Vidya Yeravdekar and the director of Citrix Mr Abhilash who also happens to be our esteemed alumnus. He talked about his life at SCIT and his journey towards becoming the director of Citrix which was truly inspiring. Upon joining SCIT, I also got to know people from different parts of India which made me proud of  the diverse culture and traditions of our country. I also toured around SCIT and was captivated by the beauty of the greenery around the campus. As soon as I reached my room in the hostel I met Jinay who is such a wonderful person to interact and I am indeed privileged to have him as my roommate. I also met a lot of other members in the hostel who were very cordial and friendly.

On a final note I am very happy and proud to be a part of SCIT and would always cherish the moments that I experience in SCIT.

Karan Jenson

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