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Reached Pune around 8 in the morning, was wondering how to reach Hostel and then found an auto and  i was trying to bargain with the auto driver , a girl(co-passenger) overheard our conversation and asked me whether we could share the auto as her PG was near our hostel, I agreed and with a smile told to myself “Acche din aane wale hain”. I was nervous and little sceptical that how my college days would be but I could have not ask for a better sign.

On the way to  hostel found many Andhra mess which left me wondering whether i had come to hyderabad(I had worked in hyderabad for 2 years), felt nostalgic thinking about the friends and the moments spent in hyderabad. Within no time reached hostel and which was going to be my home for next one year. The moment i saw the name  D-hostel I started wondering what could the the ‘D’ mean. I asked the security guard he smiled and replied “Mala mahit karu naka”. It took couple of days to know that ‘D’ meant nothing.

Now it was time to enter the room and  meet my roomies (Omi and Nikhil).I was actually praying that neither of them snores and thank god both of them don’t. We hit it off instantly.

We reached college by 10 A.M  to attend the induction program, listened to each and every word of  Prof.  Raman’s speech which was inspiring. And was very excited when I heard Symbiosis encourages Entrepreneurship. After the induction program met most of the Facebook and Watsapp friends,it was pleasant experience , no awkwardness at all.I was eagerly waiting to see the infrastructure especially the ground,gym and swimming pool none of them disappointed me.

Came back to hostel,spoke to many guys and made new friends it was already 1 A.M by then , did not realize how the time had passed by and I was also  tired and sleepy. So I returned to my room and within no time i was sleeping with smile on my face ”Acche din aahe gaye”.

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