CARPE DIEM; su-SCIT-ate the fire within

By Administrator 123erty

At the close of darkness before the dawn, seeking the light we advance; to dispel the dark clouds from our minds with wisdom, to find a great tree unbowed by the tempest. They say if you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You are on your own and you are the one who will decide where to go. Well, coming directly from the lap of Himalayas to a place unknown was step one for me. Birth pangs all over again! It was nice and cozy in the womb, all warm and snug, and then it was time to step out into the real world. This was the first emotion I felt as soon I reached the InfoTech Campus of Symbiosis International University. “Mighty Mighty SCIT,” the pioneer Business School for IT Business Management. Being a part of the Symbiosis family is an honour in itself. But no one has lied when they suggested that with great position comes greater responsibility.
The first day at an IT business school is nerve wrecking, filled with apprehensions, especially for a non IT background fresher like me. Every one you come across has an industry experience; everybody talks in a weird jargon filled language, which scares you all the more. But gradually you realize everyone is as petrified and insecure as you are! Be it a fresher or a friend with corporate experience, no one knows what comes next and everybody has their own baggage. Fortunately I am jotting down all these thoughts after a week of my stay here. Had it been a day one assignment, I would have covered only the amazing Induction program where in the students and parents were welcomed to the Symbiosis family. Where in my doubts were cleared and I realized the potential of this place, background of the experienced faculty, position of the alumni and dynamism of our Director. I knew there and then the upcoming two years are going to take me places in life. I knew then, that the brand Symbiosis is backing me up for the rest of my life.
And now, a few days down the line, you gradually get the satisfaction of a job well done when you see yourself coping with the transition and actually enjoying going to B-school. The ice-breaking and team building sessions, the alumni interactions, the out bound programs, every day and everything just adds to you, your personality and your being. Now that room full of insecure strangers is more like a support system, helping its fellow peers in selection of electives. It is astonishing how an induction program can bring smiles on people’s faces and create such a positive environment.
It would be unfair if I didn’t mention that in all this you wish you could talk to your family, to the one you love, and in all this you also realize, well there is no time! There is a turmoil of emotions initially, but now you feel there is a lesson learnt here too. This place is not only mentoring you as professionals but as people altogether. Building trust, faith, confidence and understanding with people far away from you, people you love!
I will not talk about the placements and my expectation from this place. I am convinced if you do your job right, you will get what you deserve. Real application of skills is like the difference between “savoir-faire” (know- how) and “savoi-être” (application of knowledge appropriately). That is what this place stands for. SCIT doesn’t claim to make you Business Managers for the name and sake and tag of it. It will infuse you with knowledge, both technical and management based, so you may never fail on any front. The perfectionist that I am, I shall try to fit in, will strive harder each day to do a better job and stand out as a better learner. No matter how hard the task is, it is! Not fearing failure, not scared of the unknown. Just hopeful that tomorrow, well tomorrow will be a better day!
In the words of Shel Silverstein, “Listen to the mustn’t, child. Listen to the don’t. Listen to the shouldn’t, the impossible, the won’t. Listen to the never have, then listen close to me. Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”