First day of the new begining!!! 🙂

By Administrator 123erty

Hi guys!! Today I am going to test my writing skills for the very first time and that too with most probably the best thing which has happened in my life. i.e. SCIT. So, please forgive me if you find something wrong. Hmm… Following about 15 months of preparation, essays, school visits, interviews, nervous hours waiting on acceptance notification, down-time, and a whirlwind orientation, I finally got down to business.
The day I got selected for SCIT, my interest for it started growing exponentially. Thanks to the growing social media which gave answer to all my curiosity. And here comes my first reason to fall in love with my college. 😉 Its transparency! These Blogs where I read so many experiences of the alumni, there reviews, our director’s informative and inspirational Blogs, all were just too clear. Even that was not enough, there is a website where I asked my questions directly to the director, faculty or the student which were answered very swiftly. Through facebook, I came to know my batch mates and we all interacted pretty well even before our session commenced.
Being a fresher, it was literally scary to be in a place where you will be almost surrounded by people having a healthy work experience. My B.E. exams ended on 31st may and very quickly I was making myself ready to face the next phase of my life. With a bit nervousness but more enthusiasm I reached the pune railway station early morning on 5th June!
Hah…I saw the campus for the 1st time. Believe me such greenery and beautiful environment is really rare to see. Came to the hostel, done with formalities and rushed to 610, my room. My roomies were already there as I was a day late and had already missed my Induction program. It was really nice to meet them. Also met my friends whom I already knew from Facebook and Watsapp. As I missed my official first day, i.e. my induction day… I already had a feeling ki yaar bhot kuch miss hogaya hai.
Now, I didn’t want to miss the introduction part that was scheduled for today so I got ready well before time for my 1st day in SCIT. After getting ready, we went for breakfast which was my fav, sabu dane ki khichdi!
Then the actual show began.. Entered the Assembly hall which was full with my batch mates all dressed up in formals and believe me, they all looked nervous! After a while, Our Director Sir came inside the hall with all the professors and staff. Starting the day with his speech was really awesome.
The thing I respect the most was his respect that he gave and asked us to give to the staff. This was the first managerial lesson… to succeed, work in a team, a leader should respect and understand the importance of each and every member of its team whereas on the other hand the team members should have faith on their leader and work efficiently.
After this session we had our lunch break which was followed by a team activity. It was my first team work of MBA where we had to prepare a model through which we had to throw a ball to the longest possible distance without any human effort. Although we prepared an excellent model but didn’t finish on the top .I totally enjoyed the team work we did. Lots of fighting, fun, ideas and what not. It was really amazing. All were very active and the way we all interacted was great. Every one respected others ideas and choose the best 1.
After the mastifull session, we went to the cafeteria. Had a very relaxing gossip with my new friends with Samosa and coffee .I really enjoyed the whole day. Looking forward to make more lifetime friends and masti along with study that I will cherish throughout my life.

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