My First Day at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

I have had a stint of about four years at an IT firm called Cognizant after my engineering. My location was Chennai. After these four years, I had finally decided to fulfill my career plan of doing a management course. This is how I have had the really good fortune of coming to this great institute, renowned for IT management –  Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune .

I reached Pune early on 3 June 2014. I registered for my hostel accommodation and went to my room. Though technically, this was my first day at the campus, I truly feel that 4 June 2014 was the day, when we effectively began our journey with the institute. 4 June 2014 was our induction day. Our induction programme, on 4 June 2014, began at around  11 o’clock in the morning. It began with a series of highly informative and educative videos. The first in the series were videos on Symbiosis and SCIT respectively. They were followed by an inspirational video. This was really promising and reassuring when I was so full of expectation from this great institute and this course.

After the video series, we met our director, Dr. Raman. His speech was a real surprise. Though it was primarily a motivational speech, the pep talk was done mostly through stories and real life examples, which had a deep impact on me and I really feel that these are lessons, which would remain with me throughout my existence.

After Dr. Raman, we met our Chancellor and our Vice-Chancellor, who welcomed us under the aegis of the institute, which was now looking more of a family. We also had the fortune of meeting and interacting with Mr. Akhilesh, who is the director of Citrix.

The induction programme was a true success in terms of our inclusion into the society and family of Symbiosis. It was very enlightening and inspiring.My engineering domain was Electronics and Communication. However, since I had joined Cognizant, I had fallen in love with the IT industry. Since then, it has been my dream that I would learn more and grow in this particular sector, which I enjoy so much working in. Hence, admission into SCIT has been like a dream come alive for my soul, quenched for knowledge. I have the deepest gratitude to this institute for such an opportunity.


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