Primer Dia @ SCIT – My new home

By Administrator 123erty

They say it takes time to adapt to a new place, it takes time to forget the daily jobs of past life, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, ghar ka khana and all. But I would say the given logic does not apply to every available situation. It took me only half n hour to feel at home in SCIT.

Being a time sensitive guy, it paid me a lot to have reached SCIT on 3rd June. Took some 5 minutes to freshen up and had my first meal in the mess, but before I could even initiate the food digestion I got the best things in my life; friends flooded my room and within 25 mins of reaching the hostel I felt as if I was amongst my best of school friends. Without whom I was bound to feel lonely.

From 3rd June’s night only every single person was thinking about their first day @ SCIT (The Induction Day). But trust me , the following day was a bang on start – exclusively showcasing the chorus “MIGHTY MIGHTY SCIT !!!” Never in my life have I seen such an active Director, Dr Raman , the moment he started his speech , the noise in auditorium sank to the depths of Mariana Trench. By the time we had the Induction day speeches over, it was clear that coming to SCIT is one of the most precious decisions which I have taken.

In short , the saying “MBA is a life changing experience” is literally being injected in the DNA chain of every student not the meaning alone but also to be a successful professional in the days to come of our short life. My First Day @ SCIT guaranteed one thing that – MBA is fun filled way to do extraordinary things.