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My Real Aspiration (MRA)

And it begins. Something different happened just like we people can’t predict the thing covered under the gift wrapper while opening it. Yes, but we are much excited while opening the same.  Actually, I didn’t know anything about MRA, which was wrapped in a wrapper of my mindset with no expectations. But when I opened the wrapper, I found a box with the same mindset but less attractive. To be

Primer Dia @ SCIT – My new home

They say it takes time to adapt to a new place, it takes time to forget the daily jobs of past life, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, ghar ka khana and all. But I would say the given logic does not apply to every available situation. It took me only half n hour to feel at home in SCIT. Being a time sensitive guy, it paid me a lot

A new chapter

My First Day @ SCIT Recall the first time you started paddling the bicycle with the fear of falling down every moment and you always trying to avoid how to ride whenever your dad wanted you to learn. With the same feeling I guess, I stepped into my journey at Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, one of the oldest colleges under the brand name of Symbiosis University. When you go


Name : Varun Mehta Date 7/2/13 Time 12:30 The process was really smooth. Firstly we were called for photo identification group wise. Each group had 14 ppl. Then after verification of photo ID we were made to sign a declaration form. Then all of us were made to sit in a hall where we were guided in brief through the process by the seniors. Then we had an essay and

Share your GE-PI experience with us!

Hi, Now that you are done with your GE-PI at SCIT, we give you a chance to share your experience with everyone. We give you a platform to write about what happened on the D-Day, how it was managed, how you felt etc. etc. All you have to do is Register on our Blog and start writing. Also, there are exciting prizes to be won!! Please keep in mind the