My Real Aspiration (MRA)

By Administrator 123erty

And it begins. Something different happened just like we people can’t predict the thing covered under the gift wrapper while opening it. Yes, but we are much excited while opening the same.  Actually, I didn’t know anything about MRA, which was wrapped in a wrapper of my mindset with no expectations. But when I opened the wrapper, I found a box with the same mindset but less attractive. To be honest, I am talking about the first day of MRA camp. Theme of the first day was Orientation. There was an inaugural session at 11.00 am. Which some mentors and volunteers took. They told us that what are we gonna to do in the next 3 days. I found it interesting and I saw a ray of hope that I’ll learn something new and useful during these says. Then we had a lunch break at 12.30. Then we went for the Centre Tour Values Workshop. We saw there many things like Mahatma Gandhi’s table.  Then we had a tea lunch. The most amazing thing about that day was Trek to Table Land, Asia’s 2nd largest plateau. It was a peak point of Panchgani. I love to enjoy atmosphere and the best thing about it was its atmosphere. We were very tired but the atmosphere gave me energy. We came back at camp around 7 pm. Then we had dinner. Around 8.00 pm, we all met for Family Group Meeting 1. MRA officials formed some groups. They have given different names of groups like IBM, TCS, Infosys, Google, Microsoft, etc. I was there in IBM group with 15 others. We all expressed and shared our experience of Day 1. Usually, we sleep at 12.00 but we came to know that we’ll have to sleep at 9.30 pm. We were shocked. But we had to go for it and we went.

Then, I opened the next box of the gift. The second box were better than the first was. Yes, I’m talking about the second day. That day was very special because it was my Birthday. I turned 21 on that day. After attending some phone calls, I went to bed. The Theme of a second day was to Explore. In the morning, we woke up at 6.00 am. It was an energetic start of the day. We checked in at 6.45 for the Family meeting. At 7.00 am was the most beautiful hour. This session was known as Soul Nature. In this session, we had to talk to ourselves in the lap of the nature. And we had to share our experience of that one hour. Then we had our breakfast at 8:00 am. We had an Inner Development session at 9.15 am. The session was about hearing our inner voice. At that time, I realized that we should listen our inner voice. It is the most helpful thing to improve yourself. In the Family Meeting at 2.00pm we shared our experience till that time. I was little sad at that time because it was my birthday and I didn’t get a single cake or chocolate. Some of my friends managed to get a cake. But in the evening, I got a very big surprise. My Dad sent me a cake from Ahmadabad. It was the happiest moment for me. Theme of the first day was Experience. We shared our experience of our life. We shared our major events of our life. And we wrote letters to our near one, dear ones. I wrote a letter to my parents. The third day was named as Express. Now that was a gift inside a wrapper and 2 boxes. It was the most beautiful gift I have ever had. And the Gift is MRA camp. In the morning, we attended Multi-Faith Prayer. What a start of a day it was! It was the most beautiful thing I have attended in the camp. After that we has breakfast and the wash-up work started. After the breakfast of the third day, we washed dishes of all while singing songs and u know it was not a labor work but a learning of the different approach of life. Then, the toughest part came, the farewell time. We exchanged our details to keep in touch ahead. We said goodbye to each other and we came back. It was the most beautiful 4 days I have ever had in SCIT.

So don’t go on a gift wrapper, it might be ugly but the gift would be amazing.