By Administrator 123erty

The first days are always special and leave a deep impact on our hearts and minds.

First days are a blend of excitement, fear, enthusiasm and nervousness. But this first day was special, as I was entering a huge and prestigious International University : The Symbiosis International Univerity. It is an honour to be a part of this university.

On June 4, we had our Induction programme.It started with Lamp Lightning ceremony marking the bright start of our new lives.
Dr R.Raman-Director of SCIT, Dr. Rajani Gupte-Vice Chancellor of SIU ,Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar-Principal Director of Symbiosis Society and our Chief Guest Abhilash Verma, Director Citrix and a proud alumni of SCIT were also present.
It was followed by our Director Sir’s inspiring and motivating speech, where he explained the importance of priortizing tasks and understanding interruptions and distractions. Our Vice-Chancellor told us how IT field is different where there is a continuous scope for development. Our Principal Director explained us the importance of expanding our horizons and not just limiting ourselves to placements but being the entrepreneurs and providing jobs to people. Mr. Verma has become the Director of Citrix in 11 years which is an excellent example of how far an alumnus can go.He mentioned there is no substitute to hard-work and how SCIT helped shape his career.
At a B-school where it is obvious for a student to think of RoI, our college encourages us to participate in all available facilities; which are essential for our overall development and which will help us be better humans. The key to this is really simple; having a curious mindset, wanting to know something of everything.
The induction programme concluded with our National Anthem in which we participated proudly and emotionally.
With lot of energy and ambitions to shape our futures, I am sure SCIT will be the differentiating factor in our lives.

I was highly inspired by the motto “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means Whole World is One Single family, and will strive to implement it. 🙂
My first day at SCIT ended with a lot of selfies and group photos.A start of new friendships and a want to last those forever!

I am sure I will remember this day life-long and it will keep inspiring me throughout my journey.