My first day at SCIT!

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My first day at SCIT started off in a rather unconventional manner. Since I was held up with my engineering examinations I landed up at SCIT a day after the induction programme. I walked into the campus early in the morning and instantly liked the place. I was overwhelmed by the calmness that prevailed over the campus and instantly knew I was going to enjoy the next two years I will spend over here.

As I had come over directly from the Airport, I was still in casual clothing and Kiran sir ushered me into the seminar hall asking me to sit at the back. I walked into a room with more than 200 people all dressed in formals and looking lively. The room was filled with the eagerness of students waiting to meet the staff, who will be teaching them the course, for the first time. Understandably, I got more than a few glances for my casual attire and felt slightly out of place.  I walked in quickly and sat at a seat where I got a good view of the podium and within 5 minutes Prof. Dr R. Raman walked in briskly.

Raman sir took centre stage for the next one and half hours and what really caught my attention was the authority he exhibited while he spoke. He had the right mix of enthusiasm and maturity in him and was visually held in high regard by all the staff present there. His introduction of the staff members was extremely thorough and meticulous. It was nice to see that he ensured all the staff members, starting right from the supporting staff and peon, up to the most senior staff, were all personally introduced by him to the students. The introduction given by each staff member was insightful and informed me of what to expect from whom.

This was followed by an address by Col. Kadam. Kadam sir came across as a person who was extremely efficient and always willing to help any person in need. The details he added in his talk was perceptive and I’m sure i’ll be interacting with him frequently during my tenure here. Prof. Dr. Urvashi Rathod then detailed the students about how the grading system works at SCIT which was informative and necessary. This was followed by lunch.

I must make a mention about the food. I must agree I was kind of apprehensive of the food which will be offered the place, but what was offered had me pleasantly surprised. The was not just above par but relatively good. Even though it may be too early to judge, i liked the food that was offered and enjoyed my meal.

The post lunch session was handled by Prof. Muazzam Khan. Muazzam sir was extremely friendly and I think he has a great sense of humour. He oversaw the team activity planned for the afternoon along with his team and I realized that my learning process at SCIT had already begun. The team activity was a little slow initially but gradually all the members got involved, wanting to make a good impression amongst all the teachers and students and being motivated by the box of chocolates which awaited the winners. My team did a lot of planning which ended up in an anticlimax when the catapult we designed failed to launch the ball. But the activity was extremely fun and I ended up making a few good friends. This was the last event for the day.

Once the events scheduled for the day I finally headed to the Hostel. I was greeted by a bunch of other students who arrived a few days earlier and quickly settled into my room. But my day hadn’t ended yet, there was more than enough opportunity to got out and involve in some extra curricular activities. I got an opportunity to play cricket and football which was animated participation by most of the students at the Hostel. I was later provided some healthy food for dinner which  I enjoyed. When i finally retired to my room at half past nine, I felt that I had a fruitful first day and knew that my tenure at SCIT would one where I learn and grow stronger not only academically but also socially and  ethically.

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